Its up to YOU.

A lot goes on in high schools and universities this days. Kids getting bullied, never being able to face their fear, being exposed to drugs and girls being pregnant prematurely. After this trauma, majority of this people never get over their fears. They remain scared for the rest of their lives and always mind the fact that it could happen again. These kids and teenagers finally grow up into the criminals, street rogues and cultists we see today and inflict the pain they’ve suffered on a new set of teenagers who would then continue this cycle. This would have been avoided if they got over the pain and stigma that comes with it and MOVE ON.
Now some of us who have not suffered this tribulation neglect the people who have instead of helping them. We mock them and make faces when they are backing us. Indeed, we are the catalyst that make that cycle continue. If we can show a little sign of love and care, we might just be paving the way for stars in our generation that would impact our lives and that of the world forever. So our impact in this people’s lives is a major facilitator in the cycle of life.
Notwithstanding the most important factor in all of this is the mindset of these people. “Until You can control your emotions, people will control them for you.”
And always remember, a situation is as bad as you make it look.

Thank you for reading, please take time to comment on this post and post suggestions and advice on how we can make this better. Stay blessed.


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