Would You Stay FOREVER?

20 friends they say cannot play for 20 years. In other words, no 20 close people or friends can remain together for a long period of time.
But today, am challenging this quote and I don’t mean in a positive way…. I think it’ll be preferable nd more portrayed by saying “7 friends cannot play for 1 year”.
So ure probably wondering what I mean nd I’ll be glad to expansiate.
You see, by this time last year, I had the best friends in the world, or so I thought. During the course of the year, I drew farther from most of them and got more reserved because I thought they had betrayed me. But I pondered on it and I realised that I had betrayed them too. I also neglected them, I also stayed away, I also didn’t meet their need when I could have. Well today, only 3 of them are still close.
Now, I have another list of 7 friends again, I won’t boast they are the best but they make me happy and I try to reciprocate that. That is the most important factor in relationships with friends.
So the basic lesson or moral lesson as they call it is, keep your friends, don’t get too attached but anytime u have the ability, make them feel loved and you might just keep them for life. You might just get the 1 or 2 friend(s) that’ll stay forever.

Thanks 4 reading, I really appreciate it…and pls drop ur comments.. God bless you.


3 thoughts on “Would You Stay FOREVER?

  1. Hmmmm
    Such is Life
    Look at d broom for example
    When u sweep some remove
    Dey can’t stay together forever
    But u can make d 7 stay together with all of dem trying rili hard


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