You are Beautiful

Beauty isn’t in the eyes of your beholder, its in yours’. That person you see in the mirror, in the eyes of the people looking at you is who you are.
If you see a fat, ugly or unattractive person, then you are fat, ugly and unattractive no matter what anybody says. The moment you start looking down on yourself, that moment your beauty is downgraded. This time not in your eyes alone but in the eyes of everybody you come in contact with.
So, until you start seeing that gorgeous, beautiful, attrative girl everybody want to go out with, nobody would want to except a jerk sha.
So that moment you make eye contact with the boy you’ve always wanted to go out wit, don’t look away out of fear of being laughed at, let him know there is something he’s missing, someone he’s missing; ‘You’. Remain beautiful.

Thanks for taking time to read this. Pls take time to drop your comments and additional advice. Thank you again. God bless.

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