Let’s make some dreams fly

It amazes me anytime I see birds and airplanes fly and some times, I just want to fly too.

Once, after my drawing class, deep in my thoughts, I saw a flock of birds fly by. Then I remembered the saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it”, but of course common sense prevailed. Who has ever heard or seen a flying man?? that would be ridiculous right? Unless something extraordinary happens, I would die if I jumped out of the window.

But I have heard of a man walking on water?! Peter the disciple. He was an ordinary man.. but he did something I might probably never do all my life.

So back to flying, if Peter had faith and walked on water, I should be able to fly right? With very strong faith I should.. but I’m not ready yet. I’ll save that for a future adventure.

Like my dream of flying, many other people have dreams, quite attainable compared to mine yet their faith and enthusiasm to make it happen is lesser than mine.

These people consist of regular folk, homeless people on the streets, beggars who flood your car in traffic, kids whose fathers are drunks and mothers are prostitutes, children in remand homes and orphanages and many more.

All these people have dreams, some want to be doctors, engineers, architects and other well to do occupations. I’m quite sure nobody dreams to be poor, homeless and miserable, but they’re where chance left them.

Their dreams may seem impossible to achieve, but like Peter’s case, nothing is impossible for God to do.

Physical gifts might not help them to achieve their goals now but prayers can. God answers prayers of intercessions and this is exactly what those kids need now and the only hindrance to this is You!
If you can, join me, put a ‘child in need’ in your prayers today and let’s watch men fly. Peace!

Thank you for reading. Please take some time to post your comments and tell us what you think.


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