THE GIANT’s TALE 3 – your version.

I used to hear a tale of a great giant; the GIANT OF AFRICA

It was said that the land was fertile and filled with milk and honey.

It was said that its people were the happiest you could find anywhere and love was overflowing.

I also heard their leaders were the best followers you could find.

Unfortunately, I hear of that tale no more.

A new one soon came up.

The people were naive, the new tale told; they welcomed the wrong people.

They made a friend with the man from the west.

The man invited the rest of his clan and they longed for the goodies in the land.

So they met and plotted a trap to put the great giant to sleep.

They gave its people guns in place of their crude weapons.

They gave them their lifestyle and clothing.

And finally showed them the black oil in their land that should have remained hidden..

When the deed was done, they went back and left the people to destroy themselves by their own hands.

Soon enough, the giant fell asleep and has been like that for a long time.

Now, everything is in chaos.

The smiles are nowhere to be found.

The faithful leaders are dead and gone.

And evil threatens to engulf the people whole.

But like the days of old,
A new Tale has to be written.

By You

I won’t say its your destiny, but pls, do not join people to relocate abroad and pretend we are not who we are. Rather, Let’s put our heads together and write a tale that would wake that almost dead giant and put ourselves back where we belong; at the TOP!

“Owo e ni biro wa”
“Pen di gi na aka”
“biro yana cikin hannun ka”

If ure wondering,This sentences mean the “pen is in your hand” in our 3 major languages. I am not sure which is which though. 😉
What I am saying plainly is WE have to stand up and do this as one nation, one people. Those old folks; Gowon, Awolowo, Murtala, Azikiwe, Soyinka nd the rest won’t come back again.
A new set has to arise and that includes you, you and me. Nobody is going to do this for us. It is OUR giant and we have to wake it OURSELVES.

Thanks 4 reading this post. Take time to comment and share what you think with us and everybody.


8 thoughts on “THE GIANT’s TALE 3 – your version.

  1. i think dis is rily cul….we indeed hav 2 awaken dt giant 2 get to where we r supposed 2 be….more grease to ur elbow damstylee


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