Withdrawal of Petrol Subsidy. (y) OR (n)

After the announcement of the withdrawal of the petroleum subsidy by the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency which in fact meant the price of fuel (petrol) would become #141 per liter starting from today, the 1 Jan 2012, a lot of nigerians have voiced their disappointment in the order issued and the government including the president have been blamed for the occurrence.

I myself am not pleased with it and below are my reaons why am not.

Firstly, even at #65 per liter, our fuel price was the highest in the world among the OPEC nations and they still had the mind to double it.

Secondly, with our economy in disarray, this was the last thing we needed. A high percentage of our population can’t afford three square meals a day talk less of cars yet the government still increased it and now the people with cars will have to park their cars at home and maybe take public transport, that’s if their prices are not even outrageous.

Thirdly, for God’s sake! Its a new year and today is the first day of the year. What kind of welcome is this. Maybe we should just go back to 2011 cos it was a whole lot better then.

Maybe its a just a sign of good things to come, maybe not. But until the reasons behind this are revealed, the nigerian government has not tried at all.

This is just my opinion though. I’ve actually heard claims that some people are pleased with it. Please share with us your stance on this issue and your reasons behind it in the comment box.
God bless Nigeria


5 thoughts on “Withdrawal of Petrol Subsidy. (y) OR (n)

  1. hmmmn comin from d standpoint of the word all i ll sae is d sufferings of dis tym r nofn compared to d glory dat is abt to be revealed. God’s ways r sooo not ways


  2. I feel Mr. President is not just smart. With the Boko haram issue that we have now, removal of fuel subsidy is not in the best interest of the nation. This could even lead to civil unrest in the country as in the case of Libya, Egypt and Syria. There are already rumours of planned protests in the Lagos metropolis. Reason was given that the removal is needed to boost the economy, I strongly believe that whatever revenue is accrued from the removal is not going into the economy. It will go into the pockets of some individuals, these individuals are not up to ten in number. We will soon see where this will lead to.


    • Well, we don’t know for sure why it was removed but let’s hope they will open up soon and tell Nigerians why they did so and that we would see the supposed “BOOST” in our daily lives and economy.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  3. i feel sooo sad cuz, most nigerians earn minimum wage or even less, wat r they to do with such an outrageous amount?. Food prices, transport prices they r all gonna increase . ALL we really can do is stop complaining nd start praying


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