God help Nigeria

Our dear nation is on strike. one that has every institution and organisation on shut down.

Who deserves the blame? No one knows for sure but what i do know is that it is someway connected to the new year gift we received from our wonderful and thoughtful leaders on January 1, 2012. I mean the “removal of subsidy of petrol” The poor are poorer, and now even the rich cant boast of getting richer except you are a politician or your income is connected to fuel.

I school in a private university and over 8000 students including me are stuck in its compound. Going home is almost impossible and dangerous and staying in school is not cool and is really unlikely. My counterparts in public universities are stuck at home and awaiting for the strike to be called off. The future aint looking so bright at the moment.

Filling stations are locked, so nobody can move except you travel with animals and bicycles, even scientists that might be smart enough to invent vehicles that would run on water can’t get to their offices and labs, so we might be in this mess for a while.

Also, in this crisis we are currently facing, nobody must fall sick because even the doctors don’t have petrol in their cars and even if they do, the generating sets in the clinics and hospitals don’t and I’m sure nobody would be daft enough to rely on PHCN.

In the midst of all this crisis, there are claims that our lovely president is presently in South Africa with a couple of people for a political party function. Some ministers and senators have also decided to buy houses and properties worth billions of naira in this period. There are also claims of this “extra money” we are paying as a result of the subsidy removal being diverted into some “people’s pockets” circulating. With all these, I wonder what message they are sending to we, the people.  Don’t forget that the Boko Haram dudes have been keeping quiet and no one knows what plans they are cooking up. My prayer is that none of their plans have to do with me or my family or yours.


Thank you for reading. please take time to post your comments.

God bless Nigeria.


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