What is love really about?

It has dimensions; height, width and depth.

How wide can your love go?

To whom does it extend?

Does it consider age, sex, status, character or religion?


If your love excludes anybody because of one of this categories, you are doing something wrong.

Don’t just love those that love you too. Let your love reach out to everybody, including those that might never be able to love you back.

It is an everyday decision.


A close friend stabs you in the back,

a loved one betrays your trust,

your best friend lies against you,

your partner cheats or beats you,

What do you do in return?

Do you retaliate?

Or you forgive them?


Love goes beyond saying “I LOVE YOU”

It forgives,


does not fear,

has hope,

Perseveres and

Never gives up!


So how wide, high and deep is your love?


this post was written by Moji Ajayi, a close friend.

Thanks for reading, please take time to post your comments. Thanks



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