The True Valentine

Valentine Day.
A perfect definition of my typical holiday. Too bad I aint celebrating it this year.
Anyway, I looked up the history of this holiday and found out it was created as a result of one man’s courage, his love and his pain.
Today, the 14th of february has become a day related with showing love, kindness and sharing gifts to loved ones. Actually, that’s what its meant to be, but not everyone follows this mentality. So adults and teenagers, even little kids get valentines and exchange gifts while some evil folks use the holiday as a medium to cause chaos like I just heard the Boko Haram sect did. We guys do the planning, setting P and analysis on how to get THE special girl while the girls chill and pray the RIGHT one comes through, every other offer apart from his own would get a blind NO until He asks. In the end everybody or almost everybody is happy.
Unfortunately, the most important val we can have gets neglected every year. That is the same person that calls us his bride and his source of joy, yet very few people return this courtesy.
Contrary to what some of you might be thinking now, this is not a spiritual post, its just a reminder of what is worth prioritizing.
So in all your celebrations today, remember to chip in praise, no matter how little to who truly matters.

In conclusion, have fun today with your respectful valentines, show love to everybody, speak words of kindness and remember to say a little praise to you know who.

Don’t forget to post your comments below, and Have a lovely Valentine Day celebration!


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