My wonderful childhood memories

I don’t think I’ve named this post correctly. “No childhood memories” would have been better. Obviously, I have childhood memories, but the fun and important ones are very few.
My childhood was a very boring one. I’ll ascribe the blame for it to my parents and I. They’ll take most of it sha and I will only agree to take part of it because my bro has had the same experiences and he took advantage of it way better than I did.
The story I’m about to share is a pitiful story, some might shed a tear and some might wail. Its simply a short story of my memory-less childhood. The part of shedding tears and wailing is a joke though and you should check yourself if you do cry.
Here goes;
My parents are the protective type, too protective infact. I never got to do what other kids did. I never got to learn how to ride a bicycle; I have no idea on how to swim. I don’t know the directions to the amusement park, even the one at Apapa, Lagos because I was never taken there neither do I know how a zoo looks.
I was never allowed to go on excursions from school except on one occasion in primary school where we visited the beach, and trust me, mumsy freaked out about it and I knew that was gonna be my last. I also got my trip to olumo rock later in secondary school cancelled at the last minute by mumsy.
I hardly got toys as presents on my birthdays or any other type of holiday whatsoever. The ones visitors gave me were confiscated and kept till I outgrew them. Attending birthday parties of friends was also out of it, except on very few occasions.
With years passing by, I gradually lost the enthusiasm a kid should have normally and since my father loved reading, he would make sure I followed suit. So days on end, even during holidays, I was reading one book after another. It got so bad/good that I’ll read out loud every poster, billboard or name I see on any building during any journey.
As expected, I was always coming out top in every class in my primary school. At the end of Primary 4, my mates were preparing for the holiday , but ME? Nah! I was studying for the common entrance. So I was ushered into secondary school from primary 4 at 8 years old. Tragic!
One part of my childhood that didn’t die though was my stubborness and skill in annoying people. I call it a skill cos I was so good at it, I took a letter of warning back home after my first week in nursery school. And I’m serious, it really happened. 😀
So I carried this trait into secondary school. There, I met kids from different backgrounds and fitting in wasn’t easy at first, but with my skill, I did fit in later on. I however used to get lost when other kids discussed about toys or consoles they had. Since I had none, I had to listen in awe to their conversations and started wondering what kind of parents I had.
Soon enough, I got distracted and started trying to catch up on the childhood memories I never had and my grades started dropping like crazy. SS1 came and I happened to get a FIFA 04 game cd. I spent a whole lot of time playing and I got promoted on trial to SS2; that’s when my eyes opened. So, I quit searching for the memories and accepted my fate and I’ve been doing that ever since.
Today, I’m a teenager with very few childood memories that include fun in them. Fun to me now is chatting with my friends, playing video games or doing what I’m doing now. My life revolves around books, books and books.
One good revolution in my life though is the caliber of friends I have now. They have succeeded in giving me those memories I craved for in the past. The likes of Bankole Lanre, Ajayi Moji, Moyo Juyi, Babatunde Mayowa, Oyelola Tobi, Olorode Bimbo, Comfort Samuel, Tola n Tade, Osem, Sowole Jesse, Odukoya Ife, Mide Deju, Ayobolaand a whole lot of others. What would I be without you guys? Special thanks also to Oyekanmi Seun for proof reading and editing this post.
Back to my story, I quit the stubborness some years back but I still enjoy annoying people. I’m still in love with FIFA and I would love to learn how to swim. Writing is also something I really really love doing. I never used to show anybody what I had written but after I read Funto’s blog “”, I got the inspiration to start this one you are on. You should read it too. It might just inspire you the way it inspired me.
Finally, I have you. Yes, you reading this right now. The fact that you read and comment on this blog gives me much joy and “Ginger” to do more and better. Thank You very much.
With all these in place, I might have missed out on childhood memories but I aint gonna miss out on teenage or any kind of memories left! ;).


Thanks for Reading
Please take time to drop your comments.
By the way, I hope nobody cried. 🙂


7 thoughts on “My wonderful childhood memories

  1. Cry……nahhh…
    Laff….yep…u 4got 2 add dat part of ur high skul crush…wats d name…ehmmmm…..A** or is it…E*****…
    Proud of U…kip up d gud work


  2. :$
    I Love this!! I can relate to this! Couldn’t ride a bicycle till my late teen, couldn’t swim till university, no game console as a child, iCant remember any toys sef… But oh well, I’m not missing out on this phase of my life!
    Glad iCould inspire bro! God Bless You for reciprocating!

    Big Ups!!


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