My Dilemma

A lot has gone down lately.
Love has surfaced but lust came along with it and keeping it out has been a real battle.
A battle raging deep within me.
What if I push lust out and it takes love along with it?
Can’t let that happen.
Can’t lose her.
I wonder if she’s feeling this way too.
Or maybe its just me.
I opened the door to love and left it open for too long for lust to crawl in.
I can’t stare at her now without having crazy thoughts flooding my mind.
Can’t even kiss her without getting horny.
Just a touch from her and I’m up and standing. #sigh
I’m in a dilemma, friend. A big one and its raring to engulf me whole.
I wonder if I can live with both. You know, love and lust are at the same time.
No…… Its too dangerous.
What if she gets pregnant?
What if I become a father?!
What if we contact STDs or HIV?!!
What if we die?!!!
What if? What if? What if?
What if I made all the “what if”s stop?
And forget both emotions.
That’s much safer.
But wait,
What if it is a sign?
A sign of maturity.
A sign to dare the unknown.
Nah… It can’t be.
Life is too short to die now.
Too short to dwell on this things.
But also too short to avoid adventures!
Too short not to take risks.
Too short to give up on love!
Well, if life is indeed short,
I’ll love to spend it with her.
To hell with the consequences!
To hell with the dangers!
I’m not giving up!
Hey lust, if you wish to stay, fine with me!
But just know you ain’t coming between me and her.
I’ll make sure of that.
And I’ll do it for her!
I’ll do it for me.
I’ll do it for love!
But sincerely, who am I kidding? #sigh


I sat down recently to think about the current state of relationships between today’s teens and young adults now. I’ve been in a few myself and I know exactly what goes on in the minds of the guys. I guess its the same with the ladies too. Its a hell of a battle, a dilemma. That’s why this note was written. Please use the comment box below to share your views on this dilemma. It’ll be greatly appreciated.


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