Dee was a wonder of a person and she still is.
A beauty to behold and everybody was her beholder.
Her smile could light up hearts and her frown; well, I’ve never seen or heard of it.
Everybody loved her.
They loved her personality.
The ones with OK or normal lives admired her, while those whose lives had been messed up adored and worshiped her.
In the public eye, “she was the person to be”.
Nobody however noticed that all was not well within her.
Nobody could see the hurt beneath the smile.
Her outward appearance might have screamed “love”, her interior didn’t.
She had been let down so many times she lost count.
She had fallen in love times without number.
But her love was never returned, not in the same way it was given.
Their love for her had been like thin lines of the softest fabric and the weight of her love had broken through it.
Beneath their love she found betrayal.
She had panicked and called out to friends; friends she trusted.
But lo, there were nowhere to be found.
They had left her to wallow in her pain.
She was so hurt, she settled for the next offer that came her way, whether she liked him or not.
Trust and friendship had failed her.
They had left her to the cold hands of betrayal and pain.
All this finally led to the birth of hate and boy, she let it grow.
It blossomed and soon became one with her: her strong tower. One she could always rely on, and trust me; she did.
So, she hated every guy, every single man.

“They are all the same”; the hate kept saying in her mind.

I met Dee some days ago.
In need of a companion, I had asked for help from a friend and she suggested Dee.
We were introduced and we got talking on BBM.
I found out she was based abroad and am right here in nigeria.
I wasn’t really interested at first and didn’t put my mind into it.
One day though, during one of our boring conversations (I made sure it was boring), she changed her display picture to a personal picture of her.
I can’t explain what happened but my mind opened like that of a wailing child exposed to his favorite cartoon.
Immediately, my wits, vocabulary and every skill I knew was increased to the highest.
Such was the approval and recognition I desired from Dee.
That was how beautiful she was.
I started seeing things I never noticed before and her intelligence and eloquence kept my eyes glued to my phone’s screen.

During one of our”now interesting” conversations, she let out her true feelings; what she had on her mind all these while.
I was shocked beyond disbelief, my mind lost somewhere between comprehension and mystification.
Slowly, the morale started to leave me.
How could a girl this charming bear so much hate for guys? That’s ME inclusive!

Quick, I rummaged my mind for options.
Calling it quit and backing out crossed my mind but something kept me there.
This was someone in need.
She needed my help desperately but couldn’t see it and I was going to make her see it.
I was gonna play the love doctor.
The only problem is HOW?

…………..To be continued.

This is a true life story. My true life story.
I really need help.
Guys, don’t leave your fellow guy hanging.
And for the females, you advice is welcome too.
You can offer your advice and comments using the comment box below.
And if you liked this post, please share it below to your twitter and facebook pages.

Thanks for reading.



13 thoughts on “Dee

  1. Willy 9ce maynee.. Ok..u knw wah,yea shz a damsel n all bt dt shudnt b d rison y u want 2b wv her. B sure u luv oda fins abt her(personality) .u gyz shud tlk mre,b straight wv her n pls dnt back out! B d one 2mend her broken hrt.m b true 2nt jz her bt urslf! *peace


  2. wow! i like this, my honest opinion; don’t hold back, passively sip in details of ur own difficulties into ur chats. Let her see that we all have problems and together y’all can resolve the differences. Take things slowly but lett her feel solace in you. in all break her coldness and reveal all the warmth she has inside.


  3. OMG……u ar really gud……lyk rily rily, the words u use, the pictures u create….WOW…..nd as a gurl i’d say u just av to prove to her dat u diff frm all oda guys…..dnt jst ‘talk d talk’ u lso av to walk d walk…..actions speak better dan words u kno….nd remember it takes only seconds to say u care bt a lyftym to prove it


  4. Ashewo Kobo kobo ni ye… So if she no fine.. Na so u 4 free her abi ??… Nice narrating btw n yeah my advice
    Sighs* Free dat babe o jarey… Just pray 4 her n yarn with her small small n yeah enter the “Zone” b Friend Zoned by her :p


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  6. This is really touchn nd I must say she really need help.mayb U̶̲̥̅̊ shld try becomn great frnds if possibl hang out togthr when she s in nigeria then if U̶̲̥̅̊ truly wnt her let it out by telln her hw U̶̲̥̅̊ feel ds wl surely help nd convincd her.


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