Sometimes I get lost in a world of myself,

lacking inspiration from all frontiers.

And even when I try to locate something,

most times, I’m never fortunate.

I’m not implying that am unlucky (I dont believe in luck anyway),

it’s just so hard to be creative and original at the same time.

Take for instance, this write-up.

It is being written out of lack of inspiration.

But like one old popular song says,

 “It seems nonsense makes sense these days.


And I totally agree with that.

I’ve found out that my best write ups have been written in periods of blackness.

Times when I lacked focus, opportunities and in moments of absentia, I’ve gotten a world of opportunities and discovered the treasures at the end of the rainbow. 😉

In summary, I’ve made sense out of nonsense or so I think.

How this concerns you, I really dunno.

But you can take a cue from my experiences,

Search for fulfilment when all is lost,

Apply nonsense in your methods,

Have fun with what you are doing.


“The best results in life are gotten while you are playing… not wasteful but intelligent play… the one you engage in when doing something you love.”


That WOW moment might just be around the corner.

It worked for me, it might just do the same for you.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say.

The rest is left to you.

I rest my case.



Please take time to drop your comments.





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