The Baby has grown

Long long ago in a hospital in Maryland, lagos, Nigeria a young beautiful woman conceived her first of two sons. So handsome was he that his tears and wails couldn’t stop the nurses from tripping.

Day by day, he grew in wisdom and knowledge, overcoming every obstacle he came across and challenging for greater heights.

When he was a  little over 11, his goals could have made an influential business man insecure.

Primary, secondary school education passed and his ambitions and dreams remained intact.

Quite shy you could call him, he could barely face the girl of his dreams. He would write, draw, paint, read and buy all in a bid to impress an already impressed admirer. Little did he know that he was also the boy of her dreams but he didn’t care because after a while, he got over his infatuation for her and jumped right  into another crush.

Promiscuity wasn’t his virtue but he couldn’t help exhibit little symptoms of it and who could blame him when his charms knew where exactly to hit in the heart of the ladies, not that he could stop it.

Today is the 14th of may, 2012, his birthday, he’s still as ambitious as ever, his goals and dreams still boldly imprinted in his minds.

How I wish I could interact with him though, its just that it’ll be stupid to start talking to myself, or don’t you think so.

Anyways, readers, I’ve come to a new chapter in my life. A more prosperous one by God’s grace.

To everyone that has wished me a happy birthday, I love you. If you haven’t, I still love you but you can still make use of the comment box sha.


Thanks for reading again.

Happy Birthday to Micheal Damilola Awonowo!


I remain Damstylee


4 thoughts on “The Baby has grown

  1. Guy, happy buyday o!
    i beg, go find drug(s) to combat dis promiscuity of yours…
    ‘Dont get so busy growing up that you forget that you are growing old’.
    M /\ Y () R.


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