2025 is a reality.

Whoever said Dark was Black?

I would love to know who the person is, and congratulate him on a statement well said, almost well said.

A not so long span of years of sojourn on this wonderful rock we call earth and I’ve spent them in prevarication, more like a computer program. But who would blame me when my elders have cut out the pathways of my life in which I, as an obedient child have to walk through like a dummy not minding what effects my actions were having.  My predestinated purpose, you could say.

I hail from a land of giants, in a colony of dark people, on an island (or almost an island) of wealth and prosperity called Africa, but its inhabitants are quite not on the same page with their dwelling place. I would term them backwards, most of them. I have been privileged to be different, one of a kind, but sincerely, does it pay to be unique in this situation? Is it profitable to be heading in one direction when almost everybody is going in the opposite direction? Is it?

My abode, the giant of Africa, our great country Nigeria is a land flowing with milk and honey; that’s what our neighbors, the westerners can see though, what I’ve been made to see is a land invaded with thorns and bristles. You wouldn’t blame me for that though, I was just been a typical Nigerian. The question now is who takes the blame?

Do we blame the westerners for degrading and looking down on us or do we blame our mentalities for accepting degradation.  Yeah, they did call us black but what is most important is what do we call ourselves? Who do you call yourself?

A great motivational speaker, Fela Durotoye said in one of his speeches that God said Nigeria was going to be the most desirable place to live in the year 2025, and I have been privileged to meet the young man who would be the country’s head during that period and trust me, Nigeria’s future is very bright. So now, we have a vision, a goal, and an end in mind but no method.

When a man does not have a direction to his goal, every direction is the right direction.

What are you doing to make 2025 a reality? What is your role to play? Do we wait for the westerners to come down and lead us by the hand so we don’t get lost? Or do we grow up and lead ourselves?

Life is short, very short indeed but then it’s just long enough for anybody to make a massive impact. We all have goals and dreams; the question is

“Are you willing to go the extra mile to see your goal achieved?”

We are the future of Nigeria, let’s not forget that. When unity is embedded in a goal, success is almost a surety. So gather up your pens if you’re a writer, your cameras, your hammers, screw drivers, drawing boards, calculators, graph sheets, lab coats, microphones and every other equipment you would need and let’s tune this country to success.

2025 can be a reality only if you believe.

I am a motivational writer and speaker by mandate.

This is my calling.

What’s yours?






6 thoughts on “2025 is a reality.

  1. i do believe in 2025 and i guess i am going to put in my qouta to make our dreams realities. thanks for the motivation God bless Nigeria


  2. Thank God, there’s hope, let us therefore rise wit dis consciousness and inspire everyone we come across, ready to change Nigeria and the world at large. “NIgeria is not a country flowing wit milk and honey, Nigeria is the milk and honey of the earth”- Olajide Oluwaseun k.
    Watch it, we will change dis world and its as sure as my salvation. GOD BLESS NIGERIA, AND EVERY WHERE ELSE!!!.


  3. hmmmm…. everyone that reads this piece should do a check to ascertain if your every action is a positive move in the realization of the 2025 vision….. it begins with you…. 🙂


  4. hmmn…………. i see a bright future, with people like this inspiring minds this way, we can’t but wait for the inevitable future of change (positive change). Thumbs up, and keep up the great work.


  5. yea thumbs up i must sae but for us to create this change there is one major step we need to take and that is renewing the minds of the majority. nyc one. we will meet at the top.


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