The Real World

I have not done this in ages so you would have to pardon me if it doesn’t make the usual effect or evoke the same emotions out of you.
Some years ago, I was in primary school, life seemed so far off, adulthood seemed but like a mirage, slowly but steady I crept through all the classes and bang! I was in SS3. Then it began to dawn on me, not too much but enough to get me thinking,
Am I ready to be an adult?
Am I ready to cater for my self?
Am I ready to pay my bills?
Am I ready to maintain a relationship?
Am I ready to chase my dreams?
Am I ready? Am I ready? Am I ready?
All these questions flooded my mind then but I ignored most of them; gimme a break, I was in secondary school!
Like play, like play, university came and life started to catapult at a pace I myself couldn’t understand.
Readers, today I’m on the verge of entering my final year in the university.
The real world is already set for me to enter.
Am I ready? I’m not sure but I sure know as hell I need to be very soon.
Same with you, it may seem like the real world is still far off. Trust me, it ain’t. Its just gonna come knock at your door so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you.
So kit up. Gather all your equipments, all of them. You gonna need every single one of them. Set your core values. The real world is just around the corner.
Make sure it dosen’t catch you unawares.

To all the newly graduates of covenant university (The Perfect set), Go well. Storm the world and take over!



6 thoughts on “The Real World

  1. very cool
    The God that saw you through you sec skul till this present day would see you through your final year
    it is well IJN


  2. Really cool… I think about that all the time. But who says you have to be ready, take life one day at a time, gather all the advice and cherish every moment of living with the ones that you love. :*


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