Dedicated to a Father worth remembering.

A father loved.
A father to be cherished.
One never to be forgotten.
One to meet again in paradise.

I can’t say I love mine than he loved his, but I saw their relationship and I envied.
Their bond so strong, only death could tear them apart.
How I wished to have a connection just like theirs, but that wish is no more because little did I know that their relationship was at its 11th hour.
Little did he know that the father he looked up to would be gone forever so soon.
But life took its action; so unprecedented, it caught everybody off guard.
Mr Death arose and took its choice; the wrongest one I would say. But who am I to judge when God acts.
We would just have to wait and see how all these plays out and pray the silver lining coming soon is worth every darkness this opaque cloud has brought.

We are but pencils in the hand of the creator.

This post is a dedication to a friend and a brother(name withheld), one whom I love dearly who just lost his father and to everyone who has lost a father or knows someone who has.



7 thoughts on “Dedicated to a Father worth remembering.

  1. I simply just love dis, watch out 4 damstylee guys, he’s goin places. May God perfect all dat concerns u brother.


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