Ok I know we all love these pictures right ?
Yeah I love them too 🙂 but does this mean everyone should carry a
camera around the neck, even when you are not aspiring to be a Pro
Photographer, even if you are aspiring to be one, should you now
carry it about 24/7.

Basically in Nigeria we bastardise things, for instance let’s talk about twitter.. 9ja peeps have carried it on their head… the site was
meant for interacting, entertainment, marketing and also to spreadinfo easily.

Now we have things like

“I must have 1000 followers this month” or arguments like “how many tweets do you have sef ?” or “I have more followers than you do” or threats like “if you don’t follow back I would swear for you”

In myschool (cu) or let me say the school I went to. yeah I AM GRADUATING TODAY (June 29th,2012)

Yay!!! … Trends in cu are so annoying & Trendy ^_^ lemme re cap

My year one… paratrooper’s outfit were the order of the day. A friend of mine once used it to safe land from the 4th floor when the popo
(revo) came searching when he was stabbing one of the chapel service(s).

My year 2 was a great transformation as TM- shirts or let me say “tails” were the trendy trend. The want and need to be known or in
lame man’s term “among” made people like my classmate Rotimi tell his tailor Broda Karma to sew him a shirt with tail tagged and named TM

My year 3 was a weird and PRETTY sad one as the sexuality of our male gender gradually drifted to that of the feminine , skinny trousers, sling bags and flowery shirts were the must have of the session.

“Farok the great” stole his sister’s flowery shirt, skinny pants and sling bag and started feeling fly with them… unfortunately she is a
size 6 and in female sizing u can call him a size 8 or maybe 10 sef…Huh? how he managed to wear it all along I don’t know. Even thick
guys like “Sunday” followed this trend *imagine the sight*. Thank GOD for our DSA at the moment who stopped the madness the next session… S/0 to Mr. Muyiwa Fadugba

The other time, a dude used his shoelace as his tie all because he just had to follow the ‘slim tie’ trend… blushes by ladies is another
very serious thing that should be tackled… aha ahan you are BLACK so why a thick red blush again *confused smiley* . Sighs* DonJazzy
started the Pyjamas madness but hello he is a celeb + he had a reason for it (thou the reason was stupid sha), but cu boys decided to carry
it on their shoulder. Chukwudi the other day was even wearing a every transparent one, his red boxers was showing… I’m sure it was a sewn
pj smh!!

My year 4 *sighs* a very expensive one… I had to sell all my clothes and shoes just because I wanted to buy an 18 inches Brazilian hair
(150k) for the classy “senator’s daughter” girlfriend of mine -_-.
You see want happens when you go for the upper class of the society. I also had to buy a copy of the Beats Headphones (40k) for my Stolen touch (free) … thou I was not into sound engineering or anything music related … Huh, am I stupid? Nooo!!!! It was a fashion/technology
trend *Big Grin*

Now my year 5.. the Ipad…*sighs* I almost sold my younger brother so I could purchase this, ladies so much flocked around a dude with the Ipad n I wanted to be that dude 😦 ….then it was the whole Vintage/ Colour
Blinding Blocking ish … My friend Ozozo had to wear his 6years old brother’s trouser in
order to achieve the whole jumpy trousers stunt to it… then Ankara trousers, I actually think this is a good concept and all ,because I’m
all into African effect and all but CU boys can’t just allow something be sha… Imagine Ankara trousers with a Red Suit and yes what’s with
boys and weird colours imagine a Purple, Pink, red or even lemon trousers and now it’s hanging professional camera around… Have you
weighed those cameras, soon you neck would be Gym(d) up . I saw Tunji at ikeja and he specifically at the shop i saw him told them that he wanted to buy a SPOILT Professional camera… y ? so he could add it to
his daily dressing accessories I guess 🙂  .

Be Trendy, not just because it is trendy, but because it fits you or suits your person , body or personality and if it doesn’t move on to a
better trend or better still start your own trend.

I tell my friends when they yab me about my style or pattern of life..
“ I define fashion and my way of life Jor “


@ayob_ reporting for Alariwo


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DISCLAIMER: All the names and stories used where all imagined and formulated

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