Dee 2

The long awaited final(?) sequel to the Dee series!
Now, this is what you call long awaited,but trust me, its worth every second. 😉

I hope you remember Dee;
The wonderful girl that somewhat hated men, yea, I’m sure you do. To those of you who don’t know her or just remember a bit of her story, you should read it here:
I won’t advise you to continue reading this one if you have no idea what the other one was about, so I’ll chill for you.


OK, Now we can start!

About five months ago, I opted to play the role of a love doctor in Dee’s life. I had to because she was emotionally hospitalized and was going to die soon; emotionally that is.
So I huffed and puffed till I could breathe no more but my dear dee was as adamant as a statue. Her perception of men remained intact and even I, Damstylee would not change that.

So I brought in notable doctors whose names I won’t divulge to assist me in this life risking surgery and we laid our hands and put skills gathered over several years of experience into practice. And as we bored into her skin and body, we tried to connect those parts that would open the world of our patient to one of love and trust.

Little by little, dee’s anti bodies awakened from their slumber and joined us in this struggle. Two weeks which seemed like forever passed in the theatre before I stopped the operation.
Dee was saved!
Her heart, happy with the new development was bursting with joy and pumped liters and liters of love through her veins and arteries to other parts of her body.

And then, we stopped.
Stopped talking, stopped motivating, stopped advising and left her to find her feet herself in this world that detests love and trust so much. She was left alone to be a (wo)MAN and we forgot about the operation. Case closed.

That’s where my story ends……………………… Or so I thought until I received a call from Dee on skype recently. Obviously very happy, she narrated how she met Mr Right; how he swept her off her feet; how he opened her world to a relationship built on love and trust and on and on and on.

I still smile anytime I remember how happy she sounded that day, but then I still recall the look on my face when she dropped the call. The same look I get when I hear testimonies from girls on their new relationships. Can’t help but answer some questions;
Is the real world worth trusting?
Is this a true love story or are looking at one where the guy is an opportunist?

I’ve chosen not to dwell on these questions though and hope for the best. Any way it turns out, I hope she ends up happy.
I just hope I don’t end up writing a tragic “Dee 3”

Thank you for taking time to read this. 🙂

Contrary to what you might think, this story is not fiction and the character is actually very real. The medical operation is purely metaphorical in nature though.
I do want your opinions on these;

Would you want a “Dee 3” or would you rather prefer I stopped here? Remember the circumstances that would warrant me writing one.
Please share your comments and replies to this question.

Thank you again.



22 thoughts on “Dee 2

  1. I THANK GOD its not too long. I lld hav slept off. This is good, interesting,entertaining. It shows u r my SON. Keep learning BOY,d sky is just d first step. Moyo Juyi 4 Governor of Ondo State $ President of Nigeria.


  2. Aww… That was extremely nice and hearth warming… Dee 3 seems only fitting… + u should consider writing books too… 😉


  3. Dami, I’m really impressed. I’m sure mrs Ugoji wuld be proud of u. †ђξ story makes sense. Mr Architect, ur a good writer


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