Dee 3 : The other end of the line.

Welcome to the third chapter in the DEE series. I hope you’ve had fun with the first two chapters.
If you haven’t read them, you could get really confused here as to who each character is (Don’t worry, they aren’t a lot). So I implore to read them.
These are there links:

Dee 1 –

Dee 2 –

This particular chapter has been fused with a lot of fiction… Most of the story and the characters aint real. So if this story seems like a rendition of your story, its not.
Anyways, I’ve tried my best to keep the suspense flowing. Enjoy! πŸ˜€


Its all coming back now as I skim blindly through the International section in the paper.
The calls, the visitations, the dreams. I understand them a whole lot better now.
And there was I thinking I was saving a life; not knowing I was digging my grave. A bitter sweet one you could say, but who cares, the bitter one always comes last.

Dammy! I’ve found him! I’ve found Mr right! He was right in front of me all this while. Can’t believe I’ve been blind to seeing this

Her voice still rings in my head…..
That call….
I was happy for her at first. I was glad she was happy.
She claimed she was blind and now she is wise. I reckon she’s worse or perhaps am the blind one
How the hell was I even supposed to know this was coming?! All I wanted to do was help, but she’s made her choice and now I sit here trying to make mine.
She said they hugged,
They cuddled,
They kissed, And Mae found it cool.
Could she have been seeing the future?
Could she have been seeing Mae’s future?

Remember the dreams….

I was sitting in my office this morning.
In my immaculate white coat looking handsome as ever, I’m signing out the mail for the day and then the phone rings.




Hmm… You sound so happy. What’s up with you?
I asked her as I tried to guess her answer before I’m enveloped in the suspense.

I’ve found him!

Found who?

The right man for me…. My other half!
He was right in front of me all this while.
Can’t believe I’ve been blind to seeing this!

I remember smiling as my heart rejoiced for her.

I’m happy for you, dee…

You won’t even ask him who he is. She says further.

Oh! I know him? Who is he then?

Its my doctor.

Your doctor? I asked puzzled.

Yea, my doctor……….

For seconds on end, I said nothing and tried to assimilate the shocking information.

Dammy, She continues.

I know its hard and a very difficult decision for you considering Mae. But think about the dreams, they definitely mean something.
Or don’t you think so?

I remained mute as the whole world seemed to pass before me.

But Dee, I finally replied
Those are dreams. Dreams can’t be trusted.
And Mae; I can’t leave her.
I love her.

There was a short pause and she finally spoke;

I know this news is shocking but I’ll leave you to think about it. I’m sure when you relax and do, you would see exactly what I mean.
Whereas, the dreams definitely mean something; you of all should know that.
Dammy, I love you and I know you love me too.
We are meant to be together.
So please, understand.
I’ll be waiting for your call.
Good bye.
And she dropped.

I clasped my head with my hands to prevent it from blowing up. My world seemed to be going round in circles.
What the f**k did I just hear?
Who says am even the right guy for her?
What if am just an opportunist?
I’ve saved a lot of relationships but never excelled in one. My Ex still sends me hate (supposed to be anonymous) messages.
But Mae… Mae’s special…. but…but Dee’s wonderful too. Double dating suddenly is an option, one am actually considering but then, the dreams must mean something or don’t you think so?

I closed for the day and headed home. There was no use working with all that heavy thought on my mind.
So, here I am, I’ve made myself a cup of coffee and am reading the day’s paper as I sit cross legged on the two seater sofa in my sitting room.
I pick up my phone, dial a number and the other line picks;


Hey, I reply sternly
We need to end this.

End what?
She replies…………………


Well, seems this story has to continue then.

Now for your turn.
Please share your comments below. Its just gonna take a short while of your time. πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Dee 3 : The other end of the line.

  1. Make sense…………………………… As fiction tho………………… D docto beta say NO sha cos ‘international dating’………….. Too far!!!!


  2. Mae seems more lyk it. Pls dont let her hit an emotional rock lyk Dee did before u met her. It doesn’t feel anywhr close to good. I feel sad on Mae’s behalf already.
    But u sef na wa 4 u o. I thot u said u loved Mae. Y is double datin suddenly an option? Ohwkay, Dee is wonderful. Isn’t Mae also wonderful? Guys sha. Smh.


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