Proudly Nigerian?

Its been a while.
I’ve not had the time or guts to start anything after I ended the Dee series. 😦
But one issue has got me really worried and back on the pen and paper; Team Nigerian’s performance in the ongoing olympic games in UK.
From the medals we have won, its obvious Team Nigeria has perfected the tradition other sectors in the country are well known for; the tradition of letting all its citizens (that’s all of us) and Africa as a whole down.

I chose not to be involved in the Games from the start because I was scared this was going to happen, and didn’t it happen.. 😦
So I made sure the DStv subscription was not paid and I stayed away from the TV and online ESPN as much as possible. I still got news though, my twitter timeline was dripping with it. Soccer, B-ball, Athletics, Diving sef; I got news for all of these free of charge thanks (but no thanks) to my fellow tweeps.

One thing I was sure of was that, our soccer team would not be at the games; the one Mikel said he would love to play in; Patriotism! He didn’t even know we didn’t qualify!
Sha smaller countries like Senegal, Egypt, even *clears throat* Gabon , I don’t remember the last country sef. These are the countries that represented Africa whereas the so called Giant of Africa was chilling at home. Wonderful leader I would say(reminds you of any leader?).

And then, the Tigers; our basketball team who finally got their names stamped on a world record, definitely not for the right reason.
We have an excuse though; we played the best country in the sport; USA, but so did every other country but their names are not on the world record shaa.

    The scores were156 – 73
    That’s two times of our score!

If we can’t be famous for good reasons, we can as well try out for the wrong reasons ( that reminds me of something one country’s leaders do so well, oh!…………..)

Now, for another sport, swimming… Just kidding… ✗
Diving and Water games…✗
Tennis (lawn and table)… ✗
Hockey… =D… ✗
Long jump, High jump, Pole vault…. ✗
Other Sports…. ✗

In other words, the Giant of Africa might not get any medal in a tournament where countries like Hungary, Cyprus and Slovakia (no offence meant) have won already.
Maybe if there were sports like Ayo, Ten Ten, we would have won medals because this is a big disgrace to our reputation, that’s if we still have a credible one.

Anyway, Team Nigeria has failed the country it is representing and Africa too.
We can choose to dwell on our failure or start preparing for 2016 or it might be worse, but sincerely, can it get any worse?

One question on my mind though is
Who is to blame, the Athletes themselves or the country they are representing?
Share your views concerning the question and why you think it is so using the comment box below.
Thank you for reading.

By the way, I heard Bolt was awesome.
Team Jamaican… ✗
Team Nigerian… ☑ x_x

Proudly Nigerian


8 thoughts on “Proudly Nigerian?

  1. hmmnn. Food 4 tot. I ld say d system in nigeria does nt encourage bn d best u can be. Well i ll say its a fn of d mind still. Nyc one.


  2. I feeel very sad sayin dis buh ‘team Nigeria’ al d way… We hav our specialization… Scamin… Makin bombz… Corrupt cunni leaders…. Above al inavalability of light… Nd we hear its getin beta… By survey, d next two upcomin generation of nigerianz are already burid knee deep in corruption.. Nd can only take d Almighty’s intervention… We rily need a revolution… #teamnigeria


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