Top 10(+1) Reasons Why I LOVE/HATE My Country

Sourced from Google.

Sourced from Google.

Yes, am back again. And so are you!
You’re welcome *bows*

I bet you’re wondering why the title has both love and hate in it. I myself am a bit confused.

I wish I could do what that man in the picture above is doing but its hard. My perception of this country is confusing because it changes everyday. This minute, its dwindling, the other minute, its skyrocketing.
You see, in this great country of mine *drum rolls*Nigeria“, there is a common problem and that is confusion. I’m even confused as to if I actually like or hate it.

So, I decided to write a list. My plan was to write just Ten but one popped up at the last minute. 😀

As much as this list would make it seem like I was unserious when I wrote it, I actually was serious.

I hope I don’t cause any trouble with this;

Sha, Enjoy!


1. I love/hate my country because it is home to the happiest people in the world. (I can say this anywhere and to anybody).
They have no atom of time consciousness in them.
Where else would you find students playing Fifa the night before their most important exam or women spending 1hour in front of the mirror when they are already late for a VERY IMPORTANT meeting.

2. The country supports its citizens in making hay while the sun is shining. If you make a mistake and sleep through the period the sun is shining, PHCN would make sure you get punished when night comes.

3. Okada! ^_^
No matter how much it is unsafe and wrong to travel on an okada, I still vote it the best form of transport for Lagos roads except you have a mad ride sha.

4. Team Nigeria’s performance in the ongoing olympic games holding in UK. We’ve shown that “Average” is not our portion by performing woefully. I wonder if this makes me love or hate the country.

5. Gala and La casera!!! This combo is just classic! Please tell me anywhere else you would find this “together”. *waits for answer*. Told you! Its only in Nigeria!
Unfortunately, you can’t drive and eat in lagos again.
😦 ……. Another reason why I love/hate my country.

6. No Natural Disaster has ever been recorded in Nigeria except a minor tremor in the west in the 70s. No other country anywhere can boast of this.
This is the original “God’s own country“.

7. Tribal Beef. I tire for my country on this matter. Don’t get me wrong, I aint a tribalist but most people are and its frustrating.
Yorubas do not like Ibos (I mean the south nd east), Ibos detest Hausas, and both Yorubas and Ibos dislike Hausas. Seriously! My childhood dream was that my wife would be Ibo, dosent seem like that would work anymore. 😦

8. Boko Haram. I wonder why this sect is still running sef.

9. Ehm…em… Getting this tenth one is so hard………

Got it! GSM!!. Actually, Blackberry..
I totally love the fact that OBJ (if you don’t know who OBJ is, find out how jumping from a skyscraper feels) brought it to Nigeria, life would have been hell without phones but must we bastardize it.
Tweeting on the road, Calling while driving, Pinging on okada; my fellow nigerians (youths especially) have found out diverse ways to put their lives in danger.
But its fun right? 😉
If your answer was yes, I’m sorry for you.

10. Last but definetly not the least, Patience GEJ. This is the first First lady that has been so passionately involved in the affairs of this country. We’ve seen it, we’ve heard it, we’ve even read it. She’s everywhere!
Whether it makes me love or hate the country, I’ll keep to myself before I put myself in trouble.

+1. To be truthful, there is no “+1”; I just felt like adding it. X_x

So, that’s my list.

—-> Now your turn……

Why do you love your country?
Or perhaps, you hate it. Any reason(s) why?

Share them below. Maybe its just one, perhaps 10 or more. :O.
Just make sure you share some of them at least even if you can’t share all.

Thanks for reading.
Please share this if you liked it. 🙂

Team Nigeria


7 thoughts on “Top 10(+1) Reasons Why I LOVE/HATE My Country

  1. I love Nigeria because we are very smart. Go to computer villAge and become a professor in fraud-imagine buying a phone and getting to your house to fined eba battery and phone casing!! -__-


  2. I love my country because, we’v got a terrorist organization dat doznt hav a reason 4 xistence, bombin churches n mosques… + we’v got militants who aint afraid to strike… Nd we’v got d NIGERIAN POLICE Who are meant to maintain law n orda but hav since become d opposite + we’v got d national asembly, meant to see to d welbein of d citizenry bt has becme d sole beneficiary…. Then we’v got d PHCN to generate, manage n distribute power bt can eva get enough for deir personal consumption…. I love ma country…


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