Sons of a Father

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Sourced from Google

Hey there!
Thanks for coming back!
This article is one episode from a series; remember Dee…. Yea, something like that.

I’m starting something serious soon and this series is kinda like a prologue. So, I’ll need your opinions and comments on this.
I know we are all busy and all, but it’ll take just a fraction of your time.

Concerning this episode and future episodes, this if purely fiction.
Any resemblance in names, characters or story line is a coincidence.

Don’t let me bore you too much.


    Tuesday Morning

This morning we dig deep into the minds of your ancestors and ransack through what they
have in there; anything they’ve seen, heard or done.

Your tools for this course must be intact and any sign of laziness would be dealt with squarely.
Monologue conversations are what prevail here; I talk and you listen. A word from you and you would be in big trouble.

Your manuscript is your pass here. If you don’t have one, you have until next week to get one. If you don’t have one by then, I’ll make sure your butt is set ablaze through my cane.
And yes, I said cane. I don’t care if you are in university, I’ll still beat you and nobody would do or even say anything.

As for you ladies, unlike your last tutor, succumbing to seduction is not one of my talents. So if you are planning to get marks through that, you’re in for a shocker.
Finally, unlike your parents and guardians, I’m not old and prudent, so you can’t con me with your immature ploys.

That’s all I have to say.
Did you understand me?!

Yes Sir! the class retorts.

Still in fear, I watch Mr Chris Olawale walk out of the classroom. My gaze remains fixed on the door as if he was still standin there.

Oloriburuku ni bobo yen, Tunde’s voice finally snaps me back to reality.
How would he be threatening us?
I prefer the former Mr Dumeboung better.
Can’t even imagine this man teaching me history.

He might not be that bad, I finally speak.

You say? Tunde replies. A quizzed look dominating his face.
This man?
You must be high.

And he didn’t stop there….

Hey Guys!
Jeff just said he prefers Mr Olawale to Mr Dumeboung.

Laughter rings out in every corner of the class.
Insults and curses came after it.

I obviously am the only sane person in this class.
Or am I?, Yes, I am jor.


Dude! I’ve told you to stop calling me that. I reply following it up with an angry look.

Ohkay. Sha let’s go and eat, am starving. Tunde replied, oblivious of the anger I’m feeling.
I pack up and we leave the classroom, my mind still worried because of today’s occurence.

    Same Day

I knock on my dorm door. A little tired from today’s excruciating exercise in the library.

Damn, its so hard to read in there without sleeping.

My mind darts back to this morning’s class.
While the lecturer was ranting, I got bored, really bored. So I retired to my favourite past time; trying to read the thoughts of my classmates.
Boring you might say, but its quite rewarding. At least I don’t sleep like best friend, Tunde.
Talking about Tunde, why hasn’t this guy opened the door. Its been almost five minutes.
I bang the door a couple more times and I still get no reply.

Still tired and slowly getting pissed, I decide to check the room next to mine.
I knock and open the door.

Samuel, seen Tunde at all?

Yea, he went to Renegade. Here’s your key.

I struggle to catch the key as he tossed it at me.

Tunde at Renegade. I thought he hated alcohol. Maybe he’s at Tantalizers considering its in the same area.

So, even as tired as I am, I head off to Renegade.
Took me a while to get there but I did eventually. Tantalizers was closed, so he had to be in Renegade; the biggest beer parlour/peppersoup joint on campus.
The smell of alcohol emitting from it already putting me off.

Why would Tunde even come here?

I walk in holding my breath as hard as I could, still cursing Tunde under my breath and then I saw him.
My best friend was sitting alone at a table drowning himself in beer, and this was obviously not his first because a couple of bottles littered the table.
I walk up to him and slap him as hard as I could.

What is wrong with you?!
I thought you said you hated alcohol, what’s with you and drinking several bottles of it all of a sudden?


What? I reply angrily

My life has ended.

No, its hasnt.
First, let’s get you out of here.

I manage to drag him out of there, into a cab, and finally onto his bed.

See the stress this boy has put me through.
He better have a good explanation.

    Wednesday Morning

Tunde was out before I even woke up. I later met him in class studying.

He better have a good explanation for what he did last night.




Sir! I had gotten caught up in my thoughts.

You have started daydreaming again shey.
I wonder what it is wrong with you. You’re so lucky your grades are good. I would have dragged you to the HOD. You and that your friend.
He turns to look at Tunde who was already in wonderland.


Tunde woke up himself.

Hmmm…. He wasn’t sleeping.
Tunde not sleeping in class.
Something is definetly wrong.

Get out of my class.
Useless Boy!
You’re failing, yet you’re unserious.

I could have sworn I saw Tunde wipe a tear from his eyes as he walked out. It can’t be the teacher’s words that moved him. That guy is too strong for that.

What’s on his mind?
Maybe its his dad.

You see, just like me, Tunde’s dad walked out on him and his mother. And unlike my mother, his mum didn’t have a job at hand. So, they have struggled since then. He gets emotional anytime he thinks about it and I’m always there to help him. But yesterday was too far.

This must be something else.

Oh… Am lost again. Lemme focus before this man catches me.

The class soon ended.
Before I left though, I got a message from the new HOD, Mr Olawale; our new history teacher for Tunde.

He said he must see him today;
the girl said.

Did he say why?
I asked

No….. He sounded serious though. Tell Tunde to see him today o. See you tomorrow. And she walked away.

Bye. I replied, my mind travelling again into the subconscious.

    Wednesday Afternoon

I took a cab to the hostel instead of the shuttle and met Tunde crashing.



Wake up jor.
Mr Olawale needs to see you now.

Why? His reply was abrupt.

He’s still worried.
I need to talk to him soon.

He is our new HOD. Its probably because of you sleeping in philosophy class today.

Damn! He cursed.

Now you’re angry. When you were having fun at Renegade, you didn’t know abi.
I laughed hoping he would join me but he didn’t.

I hope I didn’t just make his mood worse

I’m going to see him now.
He called out before he slammed the door.

This needs to stop.

I run after him and pull him by his shoulders.

What is wrong with you?
Why have you been so messed up lately?

He didn’t reply.



Answer me!

There’s nothing to answer.

There is, and you’re going to Now!
What did you mean by your life had ended?

I keep ranting as we walk to the bus park.
People start noticing,

not as if I care.

He flagged down a cab and got into the front seat beside the driver. I got into the back.

Two more seats.
The driver calls out to the people in the bus park.

Driver, move. We’re in a hurry.

That one no be my business o!
Na you go pay for the remaining space or u go pay for the petrol I go buy.
Two more sea……….

Driver!… I interrupted his calls.
Move, I’ll pay.

You sure?

I said move!

Ok o! You must sha pay my money.

I’ve heard, so please shut up.


No reply.


Jeff! Please leave me alone. I have a lot on my mind and its not your business.

Ouch! That hurt. But I wasn’t going to back down.
Tunde, you would need jazz to make me stop.
We’re brothers, remember?

No, we’re not.

Yes, we are.

No, we’re not.

Yes, we’…… See, that’s your business. Just tell me what it is bordering you.

We soon get to the college building.
He alighted and I paid the fare., thanked the cab driver, chased after him and caught up with him right in front of the HOD’s office.

Dude, talk to me. What is wrong with you?

The door opens and Mr Olawale appeared.

the HOD says,



To be continued.

So that’s the end of Episode 1.
Watch out for Episodes 2, 3, 4( I don’t know how many they are yet)

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16 thoughts on “Sons of a Father

  1. the story is a bit intriguing. If u re saying Mr. Olawale is Tunde’s pups then what I don’t get is why tunde saw his father in class earlier on and didn’t make even the slightest suggestion that he knew him even if he didn’t say it, his emotions would have portrayed it. Asides that, this is a wonderful story, looking forward to the remaining instalments.


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  4. Err, the subject is simple, affects a great number of people so its appropriate, the method used is intuitive and it relates well but this idea of people being so dependent on systemic stability at home to maintain an effective persona doesn’t quite cut my rationale deep.


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