Sons of a Father : “Birds of different feathers”

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Sourced from Google

Welcome to the second episode of the “Sons of a Father” sequel.

If you missed the first episode, you can read it here;

Sons of a Father : Episode 1

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Its been two weeks since I had a best friend.
Two whole weeks!
And I miss him already.
We had so much in common; same month of birth, same year, same course, we liked the same food and we both didn’t have fath…. Oh… He has one now. *sigh
That’s what caused our break up sef.
All I said was I liked his father.
Maybe I shouldn’t have said so.

    Two Weeks Ago
    Wednesday Afternoon
    5:35 PM

I had waited outside the HOD’s office who now happens to be his dad still pondering on the “wonderful” revelation I just witnessed;
At first, I was stunned and then it dawned on me; the pretencious excitement in class, his recent moods, Renegade, they were all aftermaths of him seeing his dad again.

He’s your father?! I said to Tunde excitedly
That’s soo cool!

I then faced my HOD,

Sir, Good Afternoon.
Its really awesome that you’re Tunde’s Dad.

That was when he snapped!



Get out! This is none of your business.

Still excited, I remember replying;
Of course its not, I’ll leave both of you to have a long Father to….

Can you please go?

And…. Come to think of it, that was a rhetorical question. Thank God I didn’t answer it. Maybe we would have broken up right there.

I went back to the dorm happy that evening, singing and gyrating the whole way.
I had gotten a father! or so I thought.
One hour later, my soon to be Ex-best friend visibly angry walked into the room and heade straight for his bed.
And then, I opened my mouth and kickstarted the fight that would end our relationship.

How was it?

How was what?

Your discussion with Dad now. I replied still jovial.

That’s none of your…….. Did you just call him Dad?!

Since we’re brothers, he automatically becomes my dad right?

Wrong. He may be your dad though, but he aint mine.

Seriously Tunde, its time to let go of the past.
You should be happy you have a Dad sef.



Shut up!
You’re a pain in the ass. I’ve told you that guy is not my dad.
My dad would have stayed by when my mum was diagnosed of ulcer and had no one to pay her hospital bills!
My dad would have been present at my prize giving ceremony when I came out tops!
My dad would have been there when I hawked plantain and stole from people to pay my fees!
He didn’t do any of this.

Chill, you hawked plantain? I replied less excited.
You never mentioned that.

And this is why I never did!
You keep sticking that big mouth of yours in people’s business even when it dosent concern you.
I know your mum is rich and all but my mum is not and am cool with that, so stop trying to fix my life.
As for Mr Olawale, you can keep him as your Dad, I really don’t care, just make sure you stay our of my business… Infact, stay out of my life!

And he stormed out.

We haven’t talked since then, he has not even come back to the room. I’ve seen him on few occasions; classes, cafeteria, amd now this picture of him that’s pasted in the notice board for the list of law breakers that’s hanging behind the counter in the local police station.

The officer on duty calls snapping me back into consciousness


The person you pay for hin bail now, na your brother?


Your uncle?


How you take know am?

He is my……………. best friend.

Your best friend? So e mean say, you sef razz join or no be that proverb talk say, ‘Show me your friend and I go show you who you be’

No be like that o! I no razz o.
But sincerly, isn’t he saying the truth.
How would I have a best friend that gets arrested for beating up people be my best friend?

You better go find another friend before this one go put you for trouble.
Hardly had the words left his mouth that Tunde was ushered out.

I stand up to greet him and the stench of alcohol coupled with urine welcomes me.

You bailed me?
He finally spoke



Cos we are……… friends..
And brothers,
I add.

This time he has a smirk on his face.

I think I just got to him.

And he walked out.

Did I just get walked out on?!
By the person I just bailed out of detention?
Maybe its time to change company…..

I no tell you, the officer finally says
Better find beta friend sharply

I will. Thank you, Sir.

Back in the dorm.

So here I am sitting and still angry because of the humiliation I just suffered at the hands of that idiot!
I’ve written a list of the people that could take his place; James, Tobi, Jesse, Banky, Chinedu, Fred, Taiwo, Tshbala, Khalif and Bola.
And nine names have been cancelled out leaving just Fred.

Seems its Fred then.

I lay down to sleep and a knock on the door halts my rest.

Who’s there?

Its Fred!

Just the person I wanted to see.

Swiftly, I unlock the door to welcome my new best friend

What’s up?

I dey o!

Where are you going this one you’re dressed up?

You never hear? They just launch one strip club beside school one hour ago. I heard there is free beer all night!
Let’s go there now now make we no go dull.

Chai! Is this the boy I want to make my best friend?
Seems its me and this world o. No time for friends again.

Jeff? Jeff?


Are you even listening to me?

I am… Sorry, am just really tired. Maybe tomorrow.

Alright. No P.

By the way, have you seen Tunde?

About ten minutes ago. He went to staff quarters with his mum.

His mum?!

His mum is in school?

No o!…. Yoruba question oshi… Oga, I dey go.. We go see tomorrow. And he hurried off.

I lock the door and head straight for my bed.

Why is Tunde’s mum in school?

I hope its not his father’s issue sha…. What my business sef?

I close my eyes and few minutes later, someone starts banging on my door.

Jeff! Jeff!

What?! I scream back.
Can’t they let someone rest?

You need to get to the staff quarters now!


Tunde’s mum just called. She said Tunde is with a gun and he’s about to shoot Mr Olawale!

To be continued.


Thanks for Reading!
I hope it was worth every minute!

Watch out for the Final Episode on Wednesday, 22-08-12

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21 thoughts on “Sons of a Father : “Birds of different feathers”

  1. Wat a cul story.some tyms frnd ll make one regret they come ur way.dnt put too much likenes or luv in a frnd.cos they may decide neva to be there 4 u again tomorow


  2. Its a great story wonda wat is reli wrong wit tunde but I do hope dat jeff saves him 4rm making d biggest mistake of his life by d way jeff is reli funi wats wit d list of fwends,its nt compulsory 2 ave friends cos dey wil definately fuck up n I dnt tink tunde is a bad friend I guess he is just gng through a lot………….love d way u were changing d way dey spoke I.e English 2 Pidgin(makes it luk real in a way)……….cul plot altogether n interesting
    Al d best


  3. Jeff is a faggot but he doesn’t know it. I’m just waiting for you to reveal that part. I can’t justify Tunde’s actions but what ever he must be feeling must be deep and for him to have hidden such anger till now then he is mad/mental at the moment. Waiting for an end.


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  5. This Tunde dude is rili angry..I wonda y his fada left him..naw that e is bak mayb e wants to make some amendments..*Shoot*…Tunde is pointing a gun @ his fada..I wonda y…killin suspense…


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