Sons of a Father 3

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Sourced From Google

Welcome to the 3rd Episode of Sons of a Father.

If this is the first episode you’re reading, I adjure you to read the first two episodes, otherwise you might(would) get confused;

Sons of a Father 1

Sons of a Father 2

Touching story, I would say… Please don’t cry. 🙂

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I crash to the floor in a heap.

Damn!… That hurt…….

I try to stand but I can’t, at least not fully and I watch in horror as blood gushes out of the wound.


Jeff! My God!

And they all scamper to where I had fallen.
Tunde to my right and Mr Olawale over me, I can’t quite turn my neck but I hear his mum crying and mouthing inaudible words.

Jeff! Jeff!
Someone please, do something!
Tunde screamed out
First Aid, Ambulance, call 911 Dad!

I cough as I try to laugh, spitting out blood in the process.

911 ke?
I manage to finally say feigning a smile.
In Nigeria?.. Wh..who…would..pi..pick it?

Please, Shut up and stop trying to make this seem less serious. Tunde rebukes
I warned you. I told you to stay away. I didn’t want you here, but you were stubborn. Now see what uve caused.

And then, like a movie, he starts crying.

I’m in shock for a moment but I smile afterwards, this time not faking it.

I warned you… I warned you….

Is that the hospital?! I hear in the background. It’s Mr Olawale’s voice
There is a situation here.


A student just got shot.


Yes… No, not the hostel; the staff quarters.


Zone B, Chalet 6


What do you mean by I should wait, come on, get here now!

For the next five minutes, everywhere was silent. The only noise was coming from Tunde’s soft sobs and his father’s occasional grunts; his mum is still not bold enough to come close.

It stays the same way for a while and I finally break the air.


Yes.. He hurried to my side.

I try to sit upright but stop midway when the pain becomes unbearable.

Don’t try to stand or sit.
His mum finally says gently pushing me back to the floor where I lay.

You don’t have to worry.
I say to Tunde

I have to. Its my fault.

Its not. it was

It is. I pulled the trigger.

No you didn’t. He did.. You were scared, that’s all.

I wasn’t. I meant to. Yea, you did

    45 Minutes Earlier

Jeff! Jeff!


You need to get to the staff quarters now!


Tunde’s mum just called. She said he’s with a gun….; Tunde is about to shoot Mr olawale!

Mr Olawale!
I was scared. I was scared like hell.

So, I wore my slippers and ran as hard as I could. The Bus stop was empty and no cab was in sight; so I just headed to the Staff Quarters on foot.
It took me a while to find them but I did eventually.

The picture wasn’t encouraging then, its still not

Poised with a gun was Tunde which was pointing directly at his father. His mother was standing nearby obviously shocked out of her wits.

Tunde, No!

Jeff? I couldn’t help but notice the surprise in his voice
What is your problem?
What can’t you stay out of my business?!

Please,… I beg you… Don’t do it
He’s still your Dad.

He’s not. He had a muderous sneer and I feared the worst.

Not anymore.
This man abandoned his family when they needed him the most and now he thinks he can just walk in and act like its okay.
Its not! It’ll never be!
You’ll never be my dad!

And he pulled the trigger and that’s when I jumped across………

The shock on his face…. The agony in my eyes…….

Jeff! Jeff!
Oh my God! Mummy! He’s not talking!

Yes… I can barely speak

They all heave a sigh of relief after hearing my voice.

Where are you guys?!
His Father calls again
I said someone has been shot!

Oh… Okay… Hurry up please. He has lost a lot of blood.

I raise my hand which is covered in blood already to confirm his statement.

So this is the end.
I’ve searched far and wide for love, for care, for family, and when I finally do, its snatched away.
How cruel can life be?




Why what?

Why did you do this?

I cough for the umpteen time spitting blood again and look up into the tear laden eyes of my best friend.

So this is how being shot by a best friend feels..

Cos I want you to have what I never had.

I don’t understand.

Your dad. Your mum….. I never had that.

But your mum….

You mean aunty Shade…. I smile….

I don’t understand.

Never mind.
Just promise me these things.

What? Anything.

Promise me you’ll love your parents till they are no more.

I promise.

And that’ll you get a girlfriend and stop being a playboy. We share a laugh, one person obviously in pain.

I promise.

And that’ll you’ll never go to Renegade.

Now, he laughs alone as I manage to keep a straight face.

I promise.

And that you would tell the police it was a suicide.

I pro…. suicide?…. No… I can’t

You have to

I can’t…. I deserve any punishment I get

I know but not from the law…. So promise me…

I promise.. He replied reluctantly

The ambulance soon arrives, the siren loud enough to wake the neighbours up.

Jeff, the ambulance is here,
Tunde says happily. You would soon be in a hospital.


Jeff! Answer me!
Jeff!…. Mum! He’s not replying…..
Dad!… Jeff!…. Jeff………………..

His dad tries to pull him away and fails.

Jeff……. Please answer…. Please say yes…. Please………….

The End.

We live in a cruel world,:( but you know that already.
What many don’t know is what the “Jeff”s in our lives feel when we act all “Tunde” on them.

True, 99% of your friends won’t go to the extent of taking a bullet for you, just make sure that in any thing you do, the 1% worth of person(s) never has a reason to consider it.

This story can also likened to our saviour, Jesus Christ who took bullets, whips, spit from smelly mouths, abuses and all other forms or torture because of us but still sacrificed his life in the end.

As for this blog, this is the last post you’ll see in a long while. Planning something serious.

I hope I’ll be missed.

Please take time to share your comments, criticism and advice below.
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Thank you for Reading once again..

I remain Damstylee

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Have a lovely weekend Ahead!

14 thoughts on “Sons of a Father 3

  1. Jeff is such a wondaful friend..I wonda how many pple can do what e did…bt stl Tunde ova did it…e shudnt hav pointed a gun @ his fada…his bestfriend wud hav been alive if e didn’t do that..Cool story by the way…perfect ending…


  2. What happened to my comment… AaRrgghh, well I guess I will just say it again.
    Firstly, Jeff is totally in love, I mean who gets shot and still remains calm? I liked that you showed more emotions unlike the preceding pieces but the comical play overshadowed it and I liked it. This was a good read.


  3. Jeff, how could u leave nw? 😦 ;(. RIP.
    Nice n really touchn story. Sth to think deeply abt and cross check my life. I hope i can be a ‘Tunde’ dat’ll not ignore d ‘Jeff’s’ in my life.


  4. whhhaaaaa!!! *this is me crying* not fair… the good people always die. I like Jeff… even though he’s obsessed with having a family… anybody’s. Tunde’s a dramatic pant who will become a great guy b’cos of the sacrifice of his friend (just ignore me… putting a positive spin makes it less hurtful for me.)


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