5 Faults to avoid in making $100!

Sourced from Google

Sourced from Google

I knew you would come. But its cool sha 😀

Anyway, yesterday, I made 100 dollars on the internet without doing nothing!
Yes, absolutely nothing! Oh… Sorry.. I made sure I avoided five things… I’ll call them faults.
I bet you want to know what they are and how to make the $100.

Well, jeje mi mo n ping ni temi(I was sitting on my own pinging) when one of my contacts sent me a message;
“Dammy, pls click this link. http://xxxkdyts …(That’s not the link tho).
As a good friend, I replied “No P(No problem)” and clicked on it. And immediately (yes, immediately, I dnt use Mtn, up etisalat!), I was ushered into a not so attractive site but something did catch my fancy;

    “Get Free Money just by referring people here”

I rephrased that sha…

Quickly, I registered!
Free dollars ke! Who dosent want awoof? -_-
#1 fault… It didn’t ask for my account number.
But I didn’t care.. We are talking about free money here.

Sharply, I shared my referring link on twitter and to some of my BBM contacts. One of the guys I sent it to told me it was scam.. I wonder who’s laughing now… :p

I checked the site later and saw;

    17 visits. $7

I thought it said 1 visit, 1 dollar… But did I care? Nah… I had $7 for doing nofin… Absolutely nofin… Fault #2.

2 hours later, I checked again.

    32 visits. $13..

Ope o! Incase you don’t know why am happy, the site allows you to cash out when you have more than $10.

So, I clicked download money and the site said I had to complete a survey in order to get allowance to download the money.. I clicked the survey, Fault #3… And was presented with five surveys.
Only one seemed nigerian #weird right, but I didn’t care so I clicked it. Fault #4

    Sorry, You can’t take this survey

That’s the message I got. 😦

That’s when it dawned on me.
This was pure daylight scam.
So, I went back to the bros that warned me, Fault #5… And we know who’s laughing now.

I hope you’ve learnt five things to watch out for so you don’t get scammed on the Internet and disgraced afterwards
… Wait o, this does not rhyme with the title :O… *shrugs*

Thanks for Reading.
Sorry for the scam.

Do share your experiences of getting scammed and what you learnt below.
You can share your comments too. 😀



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