One Year and counting……

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Sourced from Google

So, its been a year (not exactly though) since I started this blog.
Thought a lot, wrote a lot, inspired a lot, laughed a lot, met a lot and all other types of “a lot”.
All in all, its been a wonderful experience.
So, I asked a couple of people to write what they thought; this is what they said;

P.s. I didn’t edit their reviews, so any Gbagaun dropped was from them.
. πŸ™‚


Damstylee has bn an inspiring and enlightening blog. It is a blog that has successfully mixed life’s experiences and fiction in reaching out to people. I would want to see more inspiring posts in the year ahead. Damstylee has shared some truths in life. It is indeed a blessing. Damstylee is a great blog and I think more people should get to know about it.;)

    Ajayi Moji

Damstylee is a wondaful ryter..I’m nt sayin this cos e is my friend bt e just has this way of rytin a story dat gets my attention..Like I wud want to take a break u no bt I just wudnt stop reading has suddenly turned to an addiction n I can’t control it..So its like this, if I don’t see damstylee article, it feels like something is missing in mi..Thumbs up u..I hop u kip on ryting good stories

    Ayobola (Friend)

I just started ridin his articles.. What got mi interested ws Sons of the fada..the writer just had a way of capturing the mind of the rider..frm part one to part 3 there ws this sweet suspense which ws too intense that the rider cudnt wait fr the nxt part to come out… He had this way of communicating with the rider making it seem like the rider ws part of the story.

    Sola (Friend)

Okay so the first time I read your blog it was Sons of a Father. I usually search for blogs to read and then just read the whole thing and leave. But I came back. Mostly because the Story was intriguing and partly from curiosity but I will just love to say what I saw in a way changed me because I left with a lesson. I would often check back for the follow ups and I wasn’t disappointed. I am pleased when I see young people do spectacular things and touch lives and so I will just say at this point that I was pleased. I am glad that at some point in my life, I came across this blog and it’s great commandeer.

    Ibukun (Friend and Blogger)
    You should read her blog Here


Well, I’ve also added my favourite comments. Some not so positive but they did make me laugh.

Whaooooooo!!! Grt job man….I luv ur raw talent..little typos here and there buh aside dat, dis is really entertaining…cnt wait 2 read d oda episodes…Gud Job again.

    Awy Maria on Sons of a Father

DAMN!! You’re good. Can’t say more. KUDOS,bro!! This is great!

    Orifunke on Dee 4: The Plan

Ya mad!!! This berra be fictional cus I know u’re a foolish boy

    Kolstoppa on Dee 3

Aww… That was extremely nice and hearth warming… Dee 3 seems only fitting… + u should consider writing books too… πŸ˜‰

    Pearl on Dee 2

Maybe she lied…. But she was indeed your hero. I salute your mom. She’s another, unnamed, uncredited, under-appreciated giant. Good thing you’ve never forgotten her immense contributions to your life. Nice one, Mr. Dami

    Opeowotunmi on Our Silver Linings

I Love this!! I can relate to this! Couldn’t ride a bicycle till my late teen, couldn’t swim till university, no game console as a child, iCant remember any toys sef… But oh well, I’m not missing out on this phase of my life!
Glad iCould inspire bro! God Bless You for reciprocating!

    Obafuntay on My wonderful childhood memories

Dis is so cul n nyc. I totalli love it. It made me laff

    Ajayi Moji on If it aint right, dont take it

whhhaaaaa!!! *this is me crying* not fair… the good people always die. I like Jeff… even though he’s obsessed with having a family… anybody’s. Tunde’s a dramatic pant who will become a great guy b’cos of the sacrifice of his friend (just ignore me… putting a positive spin makes it less hurtful for me.)

    Drunk Archer (@mistyO_O) on Sons of a Father 3

I said it πŸ™‚ Ashewo…
Ermmm wait Dee is in jand nawww… Ode b realistic jor berra stay with ur mae o!!!

    AyoB Alariwo (@ayoB_) on Dee 3

So there you see it.
Its being a wonderful year, a really rewarding one.
My sincere apologies to the people that had to cope with the bcs, messages, twitter mentions and all other forms of notifications in order to bring you here.

My utmost gratitude to Mr Funto (Obafuntay) for the unintentional inspiration to start, and Moji, Moyo, Bimbo and other guys that knew about it from the start.

A special thank you to the people that actually clicked the links to read the articles or out of curiosity. Special Idobale for the people that shared them and commented.

Shout out to Mr AyoB Alariwo for the heartbreaking criticisms :'(, Teekay Bozegha and Umoru Emmanuel for the moral support, Jesse sowole for being a patient roomate x_x and Tomi for being a wonderful brother.

And a special thank you to my heavenly father for the inspiration, wisdom, perseverance and wits.

Finally, special thank you to the three most important women in my life. My mum, Mae and Bimbo.

And, that’s all. πŸ™‚

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16 thoughts on “One Year and counting……

  1. Nice one dude…..SONS OF A FATHER caught my attention n since then I have been looking forward for more interesting stories.
    Nice one bro, uΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ will go far. This is just d beginning.


  2. *clears throat*

    ONE YEAR??? WOW!! GREAT! WONDERFUL! I really need to start reading ur other blogposts which I must have missed out on,though I don’t even know where to start from. LOL. Great writing sense you’ve got. And by the way, you just inspired me! I think I need to get back to blogging and be serious with it! πŸ˜€


  3. Damstylee… A mentor, a gr8 inspiration, an awesome writer… Blah blah blah.. Ati be be lo. One yr & still on d job. My definition of commitment plus includin d passion for d job. I’m proud of u tho i dont knw u. Keep up d good work. The sky’s d steppin stone 4u.


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