The New Kid

There is a whole lot more to consider when you remember how high you were regarded.
How people revered you and how you reigned supreme.
You might get teary when you recall how they listened attentively that very morning before she walked in.
And at that point, you feared the worst and yea, you had a reason to be.
Because today, you’ve slipped down the pecking order, your friends now perceive you a mortal and your outstanding deeds of old are forgotten.
Slowly but surely, she wriggled through the loop holes you yourself created, faults you never deemed capable of causing worry. But she found them and rendered your words mere words from the mouth of a colleague, the tales of your god-ship rule all but like hieroglyphics on a barren wall.
One devoid of attention and cheers.
Your notes simply the letters of an amateur and you yourself, a forgotten hero.
And your dive into the oblivion of the unknowns started with one statement;

“Class; we have a new student in our midst”

You smirked out of your pride then and convinced yourself this was like the rest. Nothing wrong in adding to your ranks of disciples, you said.
But you’ve eaten those words more times than you could count.
It started with a short burst of wit,
The whole class laughed;
Still cocky, you infer; nothing to worry about. Your thoughts betraying your words.

Two weeks later, she had the class divided.
The faith of your disciples wavering but a little,
Some have even decamped.

“You’re finished! She’s the Boss now!” one Judas proclaims.
You force a smile out of the little pride you can muster.
Your soul joining your thoughts this time;
In the betrayal of their master.
Soon enough, she takes over.
Both Tutors and wards finding solace under her canopy of wisdom.

“You’re finished”
You finally accept your fate.
The point at which you watch your disciples;
seated at the feet of their master.
Your pride keeps you away and your position the only form of disharmony in the class.
And then, at that point,
Reminiscent of a light bulb illuminating your head.
You get an idea.

One week later, you step into foreign grounds.
A little greener than the pastures you departed.
And then you see it in the distance.
You walk in and watch as your new tutor says the words that kickstarted your downfall; but now create a glimmer of hope to your dying soul.

“Class; we have a new student in our midst”

You grin as you see him look up; just like looking in a mirror.

“This would be too easy” you said, but it wasn’t.
A month after your 52nd birthday in the melancholy environment and you are acting a miserable hell of a life.
Your past glory washed away with the sands of time and your reputation nothing more than a short comedy that even your juniors laugh at.
Its high time you wake up to the fact that this is not where you belong.
Its high time you take what is rightfully yours.

Where do you put the apologue of your once magnificent glory, O Nigeria?
How far are you from supremacy that you think low of yourself already?
Once upon a time, you were revered by all, now you’re mocked by them.

Its quite a state of shame that Nigeria is in.
52 years ago, we were among the movers and shakers, today we barely have a say in the world’s activities.
52 years ago, we did it our own way. We ruled our own way and the world respected that, but at the discovery of Oil, our self image diminished. The deeper we dug, the deeper we sunk. Our existence is an antonym of what it used to be and that is because we have conformed to the ways of the world.
We try to affirm ourselves by following in another’s footsteps and that is where our journey to the bottom started.

A little more than 52 years and we are still lost in finding ourselves and it still looks like that is not going to change, at least for now.

Its time for us to go back and claim what is rightfully ours.
Time to return to our former ways and act the way we’re meant to act.
Its time we go back to the past we’ve been running from all this while and face it.
Its time the leaders of tomorrow are actually given a chance because, like it or not, tomorrow is now.
We will never be great if we follow in the steps of our neighbors.
We will never be great if we took the advice of different nations with different interests and resources.
We can only be great if we do it our own way, with our own children, and with our own resources.
We can only be great our own way.

Its good to be back though.. #sigh 😀


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6 thoughts on “The New Kid

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  2. What a great write-up again bruv! Yu r just too much!! Its a really pathetic situation that nigeria has found its self!! We just hope dξƔ can allow †ђξ “Leaders Of Tomorrow” take up †ђξ mantle of leadership now!!! Once again Big Ups Bruv!!!


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