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A plea to the Ladies

“Hey There!”

“I had a dream about my future wife and you were the main act, I think you are the one for me”

“I think we’ve met before”

“You look familiar”

“Nice bag, my mum has the same type”

“You must have fallen from heaven because you look like one of them angels”

“From the first day I saw you…”


Apparently the older this world gets, the harder it becomes for us Guys to approach our female counterparts, and with the harder it gets, the best pick up lines have suddenly become lame; and innovation aint so easy either, its not as if we can just wake up every morning and think of dazzling lines that’ll get you girls hooked after our first sentence. To make it worse, it seems the prettier or hotter she is, the harder it is to woo her.

For example, a friend of mine happened to be walking down the road in my school and his friend called out to him and gestured that he should check out the girl right behind him.

He tried sha, he said Hi, she replied Hello and that was the end of their convo. apparently, something made him shy at that particular moment, I’m tempted to conclude that it was cos she was very pretty but I wont cover up for him especially wen that would be like self deceit. It might just have been easier for him to talk better if he had nothing to lose, if only she offered him a little help.

Your frowning faces and “Who the hell are you?” can be so demanding, and in our quest to suceed, we fail horribly. This explains why the bad guys are never simple. Just so you know, some of us can never be “bad”, give us a break and be a little accommodating when we walk up to you, its not as if you wont end up marrying us.

Smile a little and our confidence will escalate.

Giggle when we stammer and blank out and our self esteem would soar.

A big part of me tells me you ladies would simply laugh and ignore my pleas, I sincerely hope you dont.

If you do though, we’ll cope with it noni.

Sourced from Google.

Sourced from Google “Why can’t it be this easy”?






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