I promised a series months ago but work and school deterred my progress aS regards the story but its ready now.

This is just a prologue though and I solicit that you share your views and comments at the end of the post.




Eyelids opening slowly to the rays of sunlight hitting them, he struggled to help himself up while using his hand to shield his eyes from the slightly eclipsed light which had a certain flickering to it because of the gentle wavering of the branches of the trees and the leaves on them. Quickly, he surveyed the surroundings, a quizzed look in his eyes denying the belief that he knew where he was.

“Where the hell am I? He asked rhetorically while dusting the bottom of his pants.

“Good question I would say, very good question. A voice replied, echoing in the woods and sending birds and other flying insects scampering into the air, their streamlined bodies creating awkward shadows in the sand.

Startled, he swerved around looking to find out whose voice he just heard; it sounded familiar but he had no clue as to where he had heard it before. He soon noted he was standing in what seemed like the centre of the woods, the nearest trees were about seven miles away and they seemed in a form of radial distance like an explosion had happened right where he was standing.

“Who are you and why am I here?

“Hmm… To your first question, you know the answer, you just seem to have forgotten and I’m surprised you haveTo the latter, you would soon find out. I’m quite surprised you haven’t noticed some things about yourself.

Noticed??? About??? And then he saw it, his wrinkles, his beard, even the limp in his left leg, they were all gone… he was young again!

“Is this a dream?

“Well James, you would have to figure that out yourself.

“Seriously?! He snarled. “Stop playing games with me, where are my… Wait! How did you know my name?

The unseen speaker burst into laughter, his laughter as menacing as his voice, and it all created a creepy feel to the forest.

“I know more about you than you would ever know, naive bastard!

“Just so you know, seven days from now and i’ll be coming over to take you to where you rightly belong.”

And no sooner had his statement ended that the branches of the trees moved in unison and grabbed him feet and arms, piercing their thorny stems into his flesh causing him to groan in agony. After dangling him for what seemed like eternity, they hurled him into an enormous pit, one that was right beside him the whole time; he was shocked he hadnt noticed it but it didnt last for long as the branches let go of him and he was left to fall into the hole with his back first and he watched as the light from the mouth of the pit slowly faded till it was a speck, the words of the mystery man still echoing through the

walls of the hole and not long after, he gave into the darkness until he was jerked out of his slumber with a thud.

He opened his eyes and was back in his bedroom, the wrinkles and beards were back; he sat up and pondered on the dream he just had. Saying a short prayer, he stood up, put on his flashlight and directed it at the table calendar and then it dawned on him.

“The sixteenth!”

“Seven days!”

“I’ve not even told the story! And i promised to.”

He started pacing up and down the room, he had no time, infact his time was up. He needed a listener and fast too.

“What about Sade?” He asked himself

“Or Jeff?…  Sandy?….  Joke?…” and then he heard him, the voice that had directed him for years on end “…Nifemi…”

But she’s too young, he replied and waited for a reply which he didnt get and  he consented, she’s but a child anyways., she wouldnt understand. Shrugging his shoulders indifferently, he headed to the room of his grand daughter, the limp in his left leg was back now and it gave him a crooked look as he struggled to drag his heavy frame along the floor.

When he got to her room, he bent over her, kissed her on the forehead and waited for her to wake up..


“Yea, Granpa.” She replied still sleepy.

“Wanna hear a story?”



Watch out for the remaining episodes in upcoming weeks.

First episode to be published on Friday, 23-11-12

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17 thoughts on “SEVEN

  1. This is indeed going to be an interesting piece….I rily do look forward to it. From this prologue I can atleast say it was worth the wait.


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