Seven 2

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Its the second episode of the series ‘SEVEN’

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Seven – Prologue

Seven – Episode 1

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Seven 2

Seven 2


Granpa! The little girl calls out as she runs into ths private lounge of her mother’s dad.
Its morning already. You said we were gonna continue the story.

Just give me a few minutes.
Sit on the sofa and I’ll join you soon.

Yes Granpa. And she goes across to the freshly dry-cleaned sofa and sits on it, waiting earnestly for him.

He hurriedly sips his tea, puts on his glasses and joins her on the sofa.
He sits beside her, gestures for her to sit on his lap and as she did, he continued his story.


You.. you… you just shot that guard down with your fingers! Ayomide stutters.
He struggles to break off the chain holding him down and fails to make any progress.

Umm.. Yup! His hooded counterpart replied.

How the hell did you do that?

Umm.. I really don’t know. I just put my hand up this way and pull the trigger and.., at that moment another guard dropped dead.

The mob disperses quickly at the turn of events, every man to his house.

He’s gone rogue! He has a demon! He’s an ogbanje! Were some of the yells that emanated from the frightened crowd.
The chiefs and nobles stay back with the king on his order.
“You dare not leave!” He had ordered earlier.

Well, its time for me to take my leave. The hooded man says.

You were there, at the stream.
I remember now. You were the one at the other end of the stream. You kept staring and she was scared of you.


Yea, yea, it was you, you were there, you saw me do nothing, she just slumped.
You need to testify in my favour. Please! He kneels down in front of his nemesis, his hand clasped in front of him like he was in prayer.

You’re missing something here. You’re the only one that can see me He whispers as if to prevent the guards from eavesdropping on their conversation.

Damn… True.

Actually, I can make anybody see me but I’ll pass.


He laughed at this instance. His laughter still as scary and enchanting even at a reduced volume.

What makes you think I want you out of here?
How are you sure you in this situation has not been my plan all the way?

At this instance, it dawns on him.
His mind flashes back to the day it happened. They had walked farther into the forest because of the scary man who wouldn’t stop staring.
They had stopped to kiss and were already undressing when she suddenly stopped and dropped dead.

Dropped dead.. She dropped dead! Just like this guards!
You killed her!
He bursts out, but his companion was gone.
He looked around to make sure he wasn’t anywhere around and fell to the floor, his hand supporting his head as if to prevent it from falling over.
After multiple bursts of sobs, he yells out.

His noise distract the king and his delegates from their intensely debated meeting.
They turn to look at him and quickly return their attention to their conversation.

That boy is bad news; one of the chiefs says
He just killed two people, just like that!

I say we kill him, a much older one decides

I agree with Otun, the first speaker adds

Balogun and Otun, we don’t know the extent of his so-called powers. Who knows, he might be a wizard or something worse. The Kabiyesi adds

Maybe a god?

Impossible. gods don’t appear in human form.
This boy can’t even be a god. I knew his father when he was still alive. One elder says

I was there the day he was giving birth to, he was a normal child. The head midwife adds

So where did he get his powers from? The king finally says.
First, he was talking to himself, now, he can kill without using weapons. Who knows what he is capable of?

We should kill him then. Balogun infers
If we don’t, the people would call you weak and start worshipping him.

True. True. The delegates say in support of Balogun’s statement.

Okay then.
Midnight; bring his head to me on a silver platter, I’ll hang it on a stake in the town’s center.
Balogun, make sure there are no slip ups.

Yes my lord. Balogun replies.

We meet tomorrow when all these is settled.

Kabiyesi o! They say in unison, prostrate accordingly and depart to their respective homes.

Two guards then drag Ayomide to his cell. Their hearts in their mouths the whole moment and they didn’t calm down until his cell door was bolted and locked.
At that they heave a sigh of relief.

Thank the gods o! The first guard says
Did you see how he killed Remi and Tunde? It could have been us o.

I saw it o. Osho alagbara lumo ye (That child is a strong wizard).

A bang on the metal door jerks Ayomide from his slumber. Someone was struggling with the lock and wasn’t making much progress at that from the noise.

Who’s there?

Its me… Seun.. A feminine voice replied.

Seun. Ayomide whispered.
What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here.
What if you’re caught?

I won’t be. I can’t leave you here.
One of the palace guards told me they plan to kill you at midnight, he gave me the key to the cell sef and directed me here.

After much struggle, she forces the door open, he steps out, kisses her on the forehead and they dash into the forest, the moonlight silhouetting their bodies against the trees.
They continue running for hours, her small feet betraying her sometimes and for a while he had to drag her so she could keep up with his pace.
When they were at a considerable distance, they stop and lay to rest at the foot of a palm tree.
Panting profusely, she asks; did you really kill her?

No, I didn’t. I can’t. That’s why I couldn’t look into your eyes yesterday during my trial. I was so……
She puts a finger to his lips and hushes him. He obliges and he bends over to kiss since she was considerably shorter. His hand find its way to her back and her hand tries to untie the rope that held his trouser but she suddenly stops moving.
Surprised, he looked at her face and she was staring with terror, her torso slightly pushed forward like if she had been stabbed in the back.
Pronto, he remembers where he had seen this look, he searches around the forest expecting to see his hooded nemesis and finally saw him standing a few metres away from them, arms crossed over each other and a frown on his face.

You can’t do this! He pleads
Not her, please!

And at that moment, she screams out and drops to the ground dead.

To be continued.

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