Lets play the game: Truth or Dare?

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Just few years into my stay on this planet and I’ve inadvertently examined the everyday life of the people around me and seeing the hustle and bustle of the
world-people working so hard to get what they want, its hard to imagine if thats what our purpose’s meant to be. Waking up as early
as possible and jumping from bus to bike all in a bid to get to work
on time. Eating quarter of a three-square meal in order to save up to
make ends meet or to have enough money to purchase new clothes, shoes,
accessories, a car or even a house.

The struggle of the world as everybody -young and old- tries to meet
up with the standards of where they find themselves, trying to fit in.

Children crave the best clothes, accessories and games.
Teenagers and youths want to have the latest gadgets as soon as they
are released. Some want to be the ‘coolest’ kids in school while some
others want to be known as the nerds with the cool toys.

Ah! Females…they would do ANYTHING to belong-steal, starve, beg, go
to any length to have the clothes they see in shops online, get the
latest Louis Vuitton shoes ang bags(but they are really hot though!).
Not to talk of their expensive weaves- Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian,
even Italian (iyaff tire me sef).

Hmm… The males of this generation…most aren’t interested in getting
decent jobs, they just want to club and party all night, drink out
every sense of intellect so they’ll be acclaimed as ‘high’ and tweet
stuff like ‘bad ass hoe’ and the likes…

Mm-mm… That’s not the end oh! All these ‘owambe’ mummies and daddies…
I once heard of an ‘owambe’ madam who stole cash from her ‘owambe’
husband who embezzled the money from the government to buy the
‘aso-ebi’ for her regular saturday parties where they’ll all tie their
head ties and see whose looks more like a DSTV dish(I didnt say that
oh!)…she called it tit-for-tat, saying ‘I must belong oh!’

Her ‘owambe’ counterpart, in his bid to fit in, will carry Blackberry
torch, bold 2 and 5 in hand and iphone 3, 4 and even 5 on the other(on
top wetin?!)

The Truth…
Yes, everybody wants to belong. We all want to fit in, be identified
with a group. We want to be known, be heard and be proud. Most people
dont have reasons why they want to belong, they just want to belong.

Wanting to belong is a constant of human nature but I DARE YOU. No, I
dare myself first…

I dare to be different. I choose to be great. I desire to set a
standard upon which everybody would like to fit in, where they’ll like
to belong.

Where would you like to belong? Or what and whom would you like to
belong to you? Now, I DARE YOU!!! 😛

Tofunmi Onaolapo



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26 thoughts on “Lets play the game: Truth or Dare?

  1. I dare to be different. I desire to be great. I desire to set up a standard upon which everybody will like to fit in. Where everybody will like to belong.


  2. it was fresh how you tackled such a serious issue without being tooooo serious yourself….and the style made it look like you were right in my front talking to me…very well done


  3. I like this right-up. It is classic in all aspects. The ultimate purpose of humans here on earth has been misinterpretated & misconstrued by all. This is why everyone’s behaviorial dispositions are channeled towards self ego and aggrandizement.


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