Seven 3

Seven - Episode 2

Seven – Episode 2

Its the Third Episode in the SEVEN series and things have taken quite a turn. Ayomide has….. wait, am not supposed to be doing this… Go read it yourself (˘̯˘ )…

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    Episode 2

I guess we’re good to go now.




Make sure its ready. Yea, and that too.

Okay then. Talk to you later. God bless you.
And he drops the receiver.

He stares at the sleeping child through his spectacles. Spent some time wondering if he should continue or stop.

After a while, he continues he says .
Its not as if she even understands

Angry with rage, he rushes towards his nemesis fists clenched and nostrils flaring.
As he gathers to land a blow, he halts, or rather his body halts. His hand hangs in the air and his other arm and legs stand paralysed. Nothing was moving except his eyeballs which stared at his adversary with fright.

Fool.. His nemesis says
You can’t blame me for her death, she had to go.

But why? Ayomide replies, surprised his mouth could still move.
First Funmi Jakande, now Seun.

I understand friend, I understand your plight, but it was necessary… His nemesis says.
I met her a while ago, some days ago to be precise, one week ago, yea? Yes, one week. He nods his head as to confirm to himself what he just said.

I still don’t understand. Why did she have to die?

O ye of little understanding. He says shaking his head absent-mindedly.
I’ll have to take it from the start then; you had better sit down.
He snaps his fingers and the paralysed body moves itself until it sits on a rock. He smiles as he sees the bewildered look on Ayomide’s face who is baffled as to how his body is manipulated.

I’m gonna kill him when this is over. He thinks to himself

Trust me, you won’t be the first to try… Neither would you be the first to fail.

He startles, but just prevents himself from asking how he could read his mind. Realizing this, the hooded nemesis manages a faint smile.
This is gonna be easy.

Twenty-three years ago… He starts, in your mother’s hut. The night she died, I could have sworn you saw me lurking in the shadows but you didn’t. That was good news though but it didn’t really matter since he rejected me, so I went for someone else.

After a short pause, Ayomide asks, did u kill my mother?!

Shhh…. His nemesis hushes him softly.
You don’t talk until am done. He whispers and snaps his fingers making Ayomide’s lips hold together tightly against the owner’s will.

Fifteen, no fourteen days ago, he continues…. I was with the chief’s daughter, she was quite cooperative actually… Seven days ago, I was with…. Her. He points to Seun’s lifeless body.
Do you understand now?

His dumb audience shakes his head blindly. His mind was obviously lost with this new revelation.

He heaves a sigh of frustration.
I wonder why He protects you; he mutters to himself casting a quick glance at the heavens.

Okay then.
When you were seven, I was ordered to reap your soul. I tried but he didn’t let me, so I took your mothers’.
Two weeks ago, I met the chief’s daughter, threatened to take her soul unless she agreed to set up a date with you seven days from them. Seven days passed and the big guy stopped me again so I tooke her.

Same thing happened last week. I met her.. He gestures to Seun’s body again…and threatened to kill her unless she got you out of jail. I made sure the day fell on the seventh day. she did her part of the bargain but I still couldn’t reap your soul. You know the rest of the story. He says, shrugging his shoulders indifferently.

Ayomide signals to him, drawing his attention to his muted mouth by pointing at it.

Oh.. Okay! He snaps his fingers again and Ayomide’s mouth is released from his control.

I’ve heard you and I’ll pretend am not angry.
But I have some questions;
One, why are you trying to kill me?
Two, why do you need someone…. No.. Why must a woman be around me before you can kill me?
Three, who is the HE you keep talking about?

His nemesis grins and shakes his head.
You see, the way…

Sorry… Ayomide interrupts. I don’t know if its just me but what’s your deal with the number seven? Seven day… seven years… What’s it about?

First, for your first question, I don’t know why you should be dead but its pretty important to my superiors, and I’m just following orders.


Yea, my superiors.

Like who and who?

Errr…It’ll be a lot of stress to go through but our boss is death nd his subordinates are bi…..

Death?! You’re joking right?… He bursts out laughing, falling over the rock in the process.

His adversary stares blankly at the laughing man.
After seconds of doing this, he continues’
As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.. He looks at Ayomide while saying this and the latter had to hold his mouth with his hands to prevent himself from laughing again.

…I necessarily don’t need a female. Anyone would do, so far you have feelings for them.

Thirdly, HE… He points at the star laden sky, …is the HIM that keeps saving you.

HIM? You mean God?

Yes. That’s not what we call him though, but that’s none of your business.

Still puzzled, Ayomide says, but.. but I barely know him. It was my mum that used to speak of him when she was alive. Infact, we were talking about Him the night you killed her. He looks at his nemesis angrily.

Yea, yea... The hooded figure replies uninterested and intentionally ignoring the look on Ayomide’s face … I know. That’s what baffles me. Apparently He knows you better than you know Him and He must have something big planned out for you hence my failure in reaping your soul. I bet my superiors know what its about too.
Lastly, and this is where am coming to, seven denotes perfection right?

Yes. Ayomide replies nodding his head in accordance.

Okay… Reaping souls is like an art and….

Art? Reaping? You mean like a Reaper?

Exactly! Now you’re getting me.

But we only hear of reapers in stories and myths.

True.. Congratulations on meeting one in your lifetime then, he flashes a fake smile.

This is strange. I don’t believe you one bit. He follows that with a look of contempt.

Well, you don’t have to. Infact, you won’t have time to understand.

How so?

You see, my superiors figured He was gonna save you again so there’s a plan set out already for next time. I won’t be coming back, someone else would be and trust me, you’re gonna die.

What if He saves me again?

Trust me… He smiles.. He can’t.
So, if I were you, I’ll set my house in order.
Oh, I forgot, you have no home anymore. So stay alive then because in seven days, someone more brutal than I would ever be is coming for you.

More brutal?
What else can be more brutal than… Say…. Death?

Exactly.. That’s what’s coming.
.. He whispers.. That’s who is coming.

Death? Who?… Please be serious..

Hmph…Good luck.
And he vanishes into thin air, with the words seven days echoing in the woods.

To be continued.

Another episode, Another twist.
Death to Ayomide in Seven days?
Maybe? Maybe not?
You don’t want to miss that!

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