Beauty in its Perfection

Sourced from Google

Sourced from Google

So Beautiful…

Dirty and ugly,
Inchoate and uncertain,
Society ponders and wonders
What we’ll become.

In our darkness,
Evils like to hide.

We keep decaying
When we are left unattended
Come rain, come sunshine
We are unprotected, insecure.

But there’s a beauty which lies deep within us.
The exquisiteness the world anticipates
That which they desire to see

But then again, our beauty lies in our end.
Like uncompleted buildings,
So are we in this world.

Recently, I took a stroll around the estate in which I live in and I couldn’t help but notice an uncompleted building which was being worked on, I could see it taking shape. Few yards away, I came in contact with another which looked like it had been abandoned for about a few months or even a year. Right there it occurred to me that we humans are like uncompleted buildings.

We have an inner beauty, a potential deep inside of us that can only find full expression when we are complete. By complete I mean when we let our manufacturer and constructor build us according to His master plan. When we derail from His plan and work in and on us, we become without value, useless. But when like groundnut seeds in their pod, we align ourselves with His plan- when we don’t disrupt His construction
work- we find that the true beauty in us begins to emerge and in the long run, that skyscraper is complete, out there for the world to marvel at.

Note that you also have a hand in this construction process. It’s not left for just the creator to do; you also have to constantly develop yourself by engaging in productive activities that will tally with His process and like tally marks (remember what you were taught in
elementary math that looked like four strokes and a line across them?), His works will cross out with yours connoting that the great you is on its way.

So don’t leave that building abandoned! Keep adding value to it. Make up your mind to do all you can to enable it is completed in the shortest possible time…and certainly, that edifice would be birthed.

Lastly but most importantly, nobody in his right senses gets elated at the sight of an uncompleted or abandoned structure, and no building can build itself, so in anything you do, make sure God comes first, and second and every single time, this is only how we can achieve that Perfect Beauty we so desire.


    We are but pencils in the hand of the creator.

Tofunmi Onaolapo

Thanks for Reading.

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