Are you a Learner? Ep 1

Welcome Folks to the new series.


The ARE YOU A LEARNER series is simply a collection of short comedy sitcom like stories and they are meant to lead up into the new year but who knows, we might just continue after then. :d

So we’ve bringing in the baddest of writers and bloggers to write each episode., yes o! The baddest of the baddest!

At least one episode of this series would be posted everyday except on days when other articles are posted.

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None of the stories or characters are real and the main purpose is to make you have a good laugh and help you avoid making silly but tragic mistakes.
Don’t forget to learn the short message that comes after each episode also, it is meant to inspire also after all and Remember to drop your comments and views when you’re done.

Without further yarns, I introduce you to

    ARE YOU A LEARNER: Episode 1

as written by Me, Damstylee himself. :d


The scene opens in the residence of the Fashola family.
Taiye, the first child walks absent mindedly into the kitchen and a plate of fried fish on the kitchen cabinet catches his fancy.

Yeepa! Eja leleyi o!(This one na real fish o) he exclaims while surveying the wonder in his view.

He quickly removes two pieces of fish out of the pile, keeps it a nylon and wipes his hands clean.
He walks to the room, whispers into the ears of kehinde, his twin brother making sure that his three other siblings didn’t notice. Both of them feign ignorance and walk out after a while.
Yomi, their immediate younger brother suspects foul play and tiptoes after them, his younger sisters Tife and Sewa right behind him.

They soon catch their elder siblings gobbling down large chunks of fish and Sewa, the last born raises an alarm.

Mummy! Mummy!

Their mother wakes from her deep sleep grumbling and reluctantly answers when the cries continues.

Sewa, what is it?

Its Taiye and Kehinnde! They are eating the fish you said all of us should share and they have refused to give us.

Taiye! The mother calls out.


Kilode to ya agbaya bayii? Come on, share the fish with your junior ones and stop disturbing me.

Yes ma. He replies.
Their mother then resumes her sleep.

Five minutes later, she jerks up and runs out of her room.

Mogbe! Mogbe!
Taiye! Kehinde! What fish were you talking about?!

She peeps into the kitchen and sees the plate where she had kept the fish she intended to use empty.
She then runs to the children’s room and meets the kids groaning and rolling the floor, everyone of them holding his/her tummy.

Mo ku, Mo gbe, Mo daran!(I’m dead, I’m in trouble and I’m in big trouble!)
Who told you to touch the fish?!
There was rat poison in it!
Temi bami leni! (My own has finish today!)


Don’t build a house of glass if your kids have catapults as toys.

Thanks for Reading.
Do drop your comments and watch out for Episode 2 tomorrow.


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13 thoughts on “Are you a Learner? Ep 1

  1. Lmfaoooo lwkmd rotlmfaooo. Dami has killed. Me o. Thanks dami 4 dis. Was down b4 reading dis buh I feel a lot better nau. Thanks a lot. I needed dis.


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