Are you a Learner? Ep 2

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I’m sure Y’all read the first episode yesterday; for all the lastmas, you can still read it. Just click the link below;
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Today, I introduce you to a Boss, a man I respect so much and that respect grew further when he agreed to write in this series; He’s none other then Mr Seun Thomas and you can read his blog here Here.

To all you story predicting experts, try your hands at this. If you get where the story is headed from the first 10 lines, I promise you… Err… Anything you want!

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My story’s getting too much shey, please Enjoy!


Not this year! Never.. Musa bellowed

Tie his hands! He commanded as he made his way to the hole the other light was coming from.

How? Anu asked as frightened as ever.

Use your mouth jhor! Michael from the other side of the wall replied instantly.
Today na today, we must survive he chanted.

This is a fat one o, Anu thought to herself as she tried to tie him.

She didn’t know why she got stuck with tying duty but she couldn’t complain. Seeing her sisters lifeless body on the table, glistening, stabbed and burnt made her sick .. She couldn’t really complain, this was their chance and they were taking it.

Wetin una dey do like this?! A scream came from the left.

Everyone was startled, they never expected any unknown company. The stranger looked at them expressionless with its bulging eyes.

Hurry! Musa said. We don’t have much time.

He looked at the rat with distrusting eyes, he wasn’t sure why he was joining them in this prison break, the rat caught musa’s stare and quickly looked away. This guy is too stingy mehhnn, he thought.

After a while, the rat said, You no see as all of dem fat! Nothing! He threw his hands in abandon.
Nothing at all dey fall for ground!
For dustbin sef, na so so nylon. I bin dey reason escape before sef, buh I bin no get d liver, and as I see una like this I just believe again.

Here. michael said, dropping something for the rat to eat.
Eat that, we all have, you’ll see clearer.

Earlier, one of the fat people left a sizeable amount of strange grass beside musa as all the people left the house before sunrise, Musa had been skeptical about eating it but Anu ate first. She was hungry and none of them had been fed. Her courage gave him courage, she was only a chicken buh she was braver than a lion and she ate the strange grass too so she was extra pumped ..

Musa was sort of the leader, he was a ram and he was the biggest obviously. his size was influential in knocking down the first human that they encountered. This strange grass they had eaten was incredible and he loved it.

They had all been kept in the backyard, dreading the day they would be visited. Anu’s sister had been visited first and she lay glistening on the table, dead.

This new strange grass they had eaten was working wonders, Musa thought. It made him feel an undeniable resolve to live, he did not want to die, to be cut down, skinned or eaten, yuck!

All gutted rams all over the world had known to fear this evil period known as Christmas, for many years he had watched his brothers go and never return and when the stick bearing man pointed to him that faithful day he knew his time had come and felt his insides melt.

Today he felt differently, everything was brighter, clearer, sharper, he saw an opportunity to escape so he rallied Anu along. Over time Micheal, the turkey from across the fence had become a friend, he too ate out of grass and was now escaping with them, it was a ram, a chicken, a turkey and they met a rat along the way; this was George Orwell’s Animal Farm all over again.

So a ram, chicken, turkey and a rat were escaping to freedom on christmas eve.

What the hell are you doing? The rat screamed at Micheal , he was agitated but still felt an atom of bravery somewhere in him.

Micheal had waited behind and was fiddling with an apple, desperately trying to stuff it in the fat man’s mouth,

You like that? .. Huh fatso? He said.

He had seen it on the box with the other people(TV) once through the window (yes turkeys know what windows are), and he was going to replicate it on his now former oppressor.

He later joined them and they left the compound and made their way accross the giant road, they didn’t know what life held for them, but one thing they knew for sure was that they weren’t going to be eaten today.

• • • •

There was sweat dripping down olamide’s face, he knew he had messed up really bad.

Ehem…. The leader coughed deliberately, a wry smile forming on his face.

Mr Bondito, As he was called, was the crime lord in this area, he was behind every vice in that area. One of his vices, the most popular and most commercial, was dealing weed. He had retail men, and this man kneeling in front of him was one of them.

So Olamide, Mr Bondito’s right hand man started, are telling me He paused … With a smile laced wth hatred and disgust, …you are telling Mr Bondito that a ram ate his biggest stash of weed, tied ur driver and ran away with your chicken and your neighbor’s turkey?
Is that what ur telling me?… Sir…. Olamide stammered.

SHUTTUP! Mr bondito screamed in anger.
YOU FOOL! He followed up,
I’m not concerned with your petty lie about the farm animals but how would you leave something resembling grass beside grass eating farm animals and expect them not to eat it?!


Never saw this coming aite? Told ya!
One question to the Readers though, who are the true Learners in this story?

Thanks for Reading Again.

Do drop your comments.
Watch out For the third episode tomorrow!!



13 thoughts on “Are you a Learner? Ep 2

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Creative write-up mehn! I didn’t expect the story to take this turn o. At first, I thought Anu and the others were people that had been kidnapped and were trying to escape. Hehehe. And the writer had it in mind to confuse us- using human names for animals. Hian! Lolz. Nice one! Awaiting the 3rd episode.


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