A lesson learnt

This I wrote from my heart.
I don’t care if there are typos. So far the message is passed across. I’ve fulfilled.
If you wondering why part of it is in past tense, its cos I planned to publish it tomorrow morning.

Many of us heard the news of the young lady that passed on; Cleopatra.
I was in church preparing for a vigil when the news filtered to my bbm thru my contacts and it got me thinking.

Whether it was her fault dosent matter anymore as her chance has gone. No second chances with life, you miss it once, you miss it forever.

And I asked myself some questions;

Was she born again?
Was she going to heaven or hell?
Had she fulfilled her purpose on earth or was she cut short?

I have no answers to all these questions… Not last night, not this morning.

That’s when it dawned on me; life is a one legged race. You run it alone. You might start with your coursemates and friends but one after the other, you’ll leave each other. Some will faint on the way, some would give up but some would make the finish line.

Whether Cleopatra made the finish line or not, I dunno. But the grace she didn’t have, you have it.

Some of us hope we’ll die at an old age amongst our children and grand children. Then we would have given our lives to christ. But what if you get hit by a bus tomorrow. What is you slump and die?
Can you account for your deeds on earth?

What am I saying?

What are you doin with your life?
Do you believe in Christ as your saviour or are you just galivanting about?

Think about your life today.
Think about your destiny today.
Talk to a friend or family.
Spread the word.

Jesus is coming soon. Some would get to him before he gets to us. Those people have to be worthy.

I rest my case.
God bless you



12 thoughts on “A lesson learnt

  1. A timely message on the significance of each passing moment. Let Christ be the core of each passing moment. Our decision for Christ will echo through eternity. Christ is all.


  2. 4 a second… I’d 2 think abt my life and evrytin around me:(
    I neva knew Cleo wen she was alive 😥 bt 4rm wat pips say abt her I guz she was good. My silent prayer is: hope she made heaven? 😥


  3. this is one write up we all really need 2 reflect on, without Christ u r definitely in crisis, im hapi uve set d pace by spreading d word urself


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