Are You A Learner? Ep 4

Welcome to the Fourth Episode of the Are You a Learner Series

Today, I welcome the first female, Miss Obute ( @tgirl2sweet) and she blogs Here

You missed the first three episodes, Read them below by clicking their links below;
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Without much gist from Me, I pass the Mic onto her..

She has called it the Cheating Husband

Do Enjoy!

I just knew my husband was cheating on me.
That pig of a man!
I wasn’t surprised, men are just like that…
Ungrateful things!
But to think he would stoop so low as to be sleeping with the maid. That was the height, and yes I had plans for him, I was finally going 2 leave his sorry ass behind.

I dressed up that night giving him a way out looking good in my lingerie and push up bra showing enough cleavage.
I had waxed my legs that night hoping he won’t fall for my plan because deep down I didn’t really want to leave him.
The crazy man just looked at me and said he was going to watch soccer, chai! I blame ManUtd and Arsenal sha, they gave him a reason to lie with.

I knew he was going down to be with her but he didn’t know of my plan so as he went to the kitchen to get himself some water, I snuck to Iyabo’s room and pretended I was her. She wasn’t around as I had given her leave at the last minute to go stay with her mother.

I turned off the light as I heard his footsteps and ran back under d covers. He came in and didn’t say anything, just went down 2 business… Stupid Man!

Na wa oo …so this is the arsenal match ehen, ahh I ve suffered.
Ok oo lemme sha enjoy this last time.

He went one round and bent over for another one, I had turned my back to him all this while, so he couldn’t see my face. But I wasn’t expecting another round, this was crazy but it felt really good.

Ehen another round, is this man serious, this lazy man that can’t last one full round has done twice already,so this is where he wastes all his energy and he would come and be giving me leftover. Imagine the nonsense oo!

As he was reaching for another round I stopped him,

Ahan! Ahan! What sef?! what is the matter?! Another round?! Is this how you waste ur energy here?…


Answer me! Akanni!

Imagine my surprise when I heard my gateman’s voice

Ahhh madam, I’m sorry oo! I no no say na you! Allah eehhh! Wetin you dey do here sef?

I can hear my husband calling me oo what have I done, this arsenal match ended 2 quick o!

But madam..

Yes? I replied angrily

Wetin you dey find for Kemi room? You no know road again ni?

    Abi you don turn Learner?

Morale For The Story

“The man that digs a pit for his Enemy’s child should also get a ladder ready… Incase he has to pick his own child out”

Endeavor to drop a comment and share… Everybody deserves a good laugh anyway…

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16 thoughts on “Are You A Learner? Ep 4

    • Sir/Ma
      No, it wasn’t. I was sent a draft of this particular story and I edited it myself.
      You should have used a valid email address too if you wanted to ascertain your claims as I won’t let you rubbish the work of a hard working nigerian.
      I hope you see this.
      Thank you.

      Mike Dammy


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