Exclusive : Deepest Pain

Today, We welcome Ladipo (@ladipoB) as a Guest Writer as he soughts to inspire.

Do drop your comments and share the post when you’re done.

Tears running down from my cheek
Memories hunt me for my wrong
Its too heavy for me
I can’t take it all in
The suspense, trials all condemned

Dragging my self from this bed
To face reality is hell on earth
An oscar winning award for heartbreaks
Would be given to me

The apocalypse would welcome me
With arms wide open
And say nemesis brought the prodigal son home
Who was I before all this pain
Did I love life in the house of wrongs

The voices in my head torment me for good
He stares at me in disgust
Yet feeds me with hatred
Clothes me with pain
And washes me with deception

I open my eyes and see you
Laying next to me
And ask my self
Where did it all go wrong?


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