Keep it burning

Most people never believe when I tell them I’ve never seen a tear drop down my face., even when as a kid.
But today, the 31st of December 2012 at approximately 4:07, one virtually dropped.
I don’t have to tell you why, do I?

I still won’t believe she’s gone though.. I still pray he’s planning a miracle, something big you know. Lazarus took four days, its just hours so I’ll wait. His will is still what matters, and may it be done in the end.

Nevertheless, lemme introduce you to today’s post.
Beautifully crafted by Miss Tofunmi,
I introduce “Keep it burning

Sourced from Google

Sourced from Google

With my eyes closed I feel the intensity of your violent caress on my skin. Excruciatingly painful. The whole of you gobbling my hair, epidermis and even more beneath. That discomforting and agonizing sensation gradually leaving the surface and moving somewhere deeper…
It’s going deeper into my soul, my core being, pushing me hard to go for that…that object that looks like a cylinder, it seems very important at the moment but I’m not sure why, maybe to keep me alive.

I try hard, harder but it seems farther as I try to reach out. All that’s filled my senses is that pungent smell you are emitting.
Who are you? What are you?
I’m not sure who or what you are but I’m certain of this one thing:
You are set out to destroy and that, you will do until you are smothered.
I will you to stop as this pain is becoming so unbearable.

Plea…pleeeaaase… I’ll blank out in Ten seconds…nine…

That element of you inside of me is driving me to go for that cylinder but you on the outside just won’t let me, you just won’t stop. Stop!
Please! Oh wait, you definitely can’t hear me… I’m doomed.
What are you? So strong. Eight…seven…
Ahh…now I know what you are…six…

Physical yet so spiritual
Obstinate and subtle
Impulsive and dangerous
A two-edged sword you are;
Purifier as well as a destroyer
Source of good and bad
Purveyor of peace and conflict
Your physical trait- giver of light and warmth, nonetheless, destructive
The spiritual- that force of love, passion, rage, hate, determination,strong will.
You start so small but can engulf a whole city
Though temporary, you cause a lasting effect- a burn

But how did you get a hold of me? All I remember is that I struck a match beside a jerry can of gasoline and BOOM! An explosion accompanied by you, FIRE… and that object which your other part in me was willing me to get-that thing like a cylinder- was a fire
extinguisher. But it’s too late now…

• • •

Okay, okay. I wasn’t involved in any fire accident; neither did I get hurt, that was just to illustrate the diversity of fire.
The physical fire obviously produces light, energy, heat and warmth and well, can burn down ANYTHING except stones (that’s why stones are put around campfires to prevent it from opening its large mouth to devour everything within its reach).

The spiritual representation of fire is what I really want to talk about. It’s that force of burning passion, love, compassion, hate or rage. It’s that force of strong will that keeps you running towards that goal you’ve set for yourself. This fire should not be extinguished-except if it’s that of hate, rage, bitterness or anything negative.

That fire of love, compassion and goodness in you, let it burn. Lend a helping hand to someone in need, even in the littlest way you can, without expecting anything in return.
Yes, FREE!
Freely you have received love and compassion from the ONE who gives, therefore, freely give.
Pass an honest complement to someone looking exceptionally good or to a job well done (no flattery!). It won’t take anything from you, not even a penny from that fat bank account but rather, it will boost the person’s morale.

Also, let that fire of passion, determination, drive, towards what you are set to achieve burn. Set it ablaze! As a matter of fact, add more gasoline, firewood, charcoal… -whatever it is- to consume every
discouragement, laziness, procrastination, distraction, and lack of enthusiasm that will prevent you from reaching that climax you’ve hoped for.
Determination and self-drive are very important essentials towards being great. It’s an individual effort; nobody else can do it for you.

Someone might ask me, ‘how do I set this fire ablaze?’

First and most importantly, you need the gasoline of the special grace that comes from God only. Really, nobody can just love the person that annoys them day and night or give without restraint not to even talk about being so disciplined and exhibiting doggedness towards achieving anything at all, so, ask for that Grace!
Another essential is the firewood of focus. Success is utterly Impossible without focus.

Finally, the charcoal of incentives as well as rewards. Get someone or something that will encourage and push you to work hard. You could also set aside a reward for yourself after the accomplishment of your goal. Keep your eyes on that reward while you work and nothing will stop you!

So keep that fire burning, blazing hot!!!


Don’t forget to extinguish the fire of hate, rage, bitterness and conflict.
Oh! And please, stay away from physical fire!

Tofunmi Onaolapo

Do I have to ask if it inspired you?
Do drop your comments and share the post.

Have a lovely day and God bless


4 thoughts on “Keep it burning

  1. I like this…. @Mystique561!!! Very very graphic!!! Oh how beautiful it is when humanity is engulfed by divinity! When the Spirit and man enter into an alliance!!! Whoooosh! Brilliant!!!


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