2013… A new Dawn

A new year.
A new dawn.
A new slate.

We all made it. Or at least, most of us did… RIP to Cleopatra and everybody that didn’t make it.

For us that successfully crossed over, this is a new slate and we all have new pens and new bottles of ink.
What you write down is what becomes of you this year.

Don’t expect to sleep and lazy around and achieve something worthwhile.

Life is a race. We run not for positions but to win.
Like Usain Bolt, run to beat yourself not your opponent.
That way you’ll be contented with what you achieve not comparing yourself with other people.

That he/she is in your class dosent mean you have like destinies.
A great man once said, “20 friends don’t run together for 20 years
Another said “if you need an extra hand to count the true friends you have, you should re-consider what the word “true” means to you.
I’m not telling you to not have friends.
No, Do have friends, have lots of them and love everybody but have very few close friends. The ones you can tell anything. Those are the ones that’ll run the race with you.

Finally, but most importantly, God.
Put your trust in him and watch as you’ll soar among the heavens.

• • •

That said,
We here at Damstylee are also taking a re-modelling.

2012 was more of a loner year with one person writing most of the articles. Its gonna be different this year as we’ve incorporated more writers and contributors into the system.

The mission is sinple; “INSPIRE”.
And we’ll do all we can to make sure we don’t lose focus of that.

We’ll maintain our normal routine of articles;

    • Non-fiction Inspiring articles.
    • Short Inspiring Fiction stories.
    • Fiction Series.
    • Poems, Rants and other forms of Write ups.

This year, we’re making a few additions;

    • Exclusive Interviews with Inspiring Personalities.
    • Discussion Forums where we can all share ideas.

So, that’s our basic plan for the year, 2013.

We are also open to ideas from our Readers. You can simply mention them as comments below or send them in a mail to Damstylee@yahoo.com.

For people who would want to contribute; especially to the ongoing “Are you a Learner?” series should send their write ups to the same email address.

Our target is set. Our pens are ready. Open your minds and let’s inspire ourselves.

Avid Readers of the SEVEN series should watch out for episode 6 later today.


Mike Dammy

Co-signed by Tofunmi, Kolawole and other members of the board.

    Happy New Year From Damstylee!!!


2 thoughts on “2013… A new Dawn

  1. “Don’t expect to sleep and lazy around and achieve something worthwhile “<—- this is exactly what i have been saying to some friends .. glad u mentioned it here too.
    Nice Write Up. Welcome to 2013.


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