Seven 6

Welcome to the sixth episode of SEVEN.
*bypassing all formalities and going straight to the point*

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• • •

Oh shit… Oh… Oh shit… No… You can’t kill me like this Ayomide pleads as Death advances on his position. He kneels down and raises his hand in submission.

Okay.. I have agreed. You can kill me… But on one condition.

Death lets out a sly laugh.
You’re giving me… he beats his chest …Death…a condition?

No… Its not like that… See it as a… He pauses to think.
Favour!… Yes, see it as a favour.

Nope. Death replies briefly. He is standing right in front of the kneeling man.

Please.. If you’re going to kill me, at least tell me why.

The hooded man halts and ponders for a while.
Okay. Ayomide’s face light up in delight.

Ayomide heaves a sigh of relief as his request is granted, he looks up to see his adversary and staggers backwards when he sees the face of Death. That’s if it could be called a face.
The hood gave it a defined shape as the shape you would call its head was formless. No eyes, no nose, no mouth, no physical features, it just was the replica of a big bag of dark smoke.
Ayomide recalls the darkest smoke he had ever seen, that of burnt bamboo but this took the word dark to another height, and the slowly descent of the moon helped no matters as he could see much less than he saw before. How was I supposed to kill this?, he reasons.

Okay, Death starts …too many times have we seen revivals happen right under our noses; the Moses revival, Paul’s revival, even His son’s revival. He points at the heavens. …all the…

Ayomide clears his throat softly disrupting the speech of his nemesis. Death shoots him a look of contempt, he sees no eyes but his heart burns with fear.

Sorry o! All this people you mentioned, Paul, Mo…who?

Moses. Death corrects

Yes, Moses.. Who are they? How do they concern me?

Death looks on confused. He directs his gaze to the book in Ayomide’s right hand and asks, what do you do with that book?

Ehmm… I just started reading it. Are all these people in the bible world?

Bible world? How dumb can you get?
Everybody, I mean everybody in that book lived, including me.

You’re in the book too? Ayomide asks puzzled.

Of course. I’ve lived through time. Only Him.. He points at the sky, ..His son and the angels have lived longer than I have.

That means you were before the Devil? Ayomide says

No, he is a fallen angel. Got kicked out by Michael before they created me.

All these names you call, Michael, Paul and Mo… Nevermind… How are they my business?

As a mat….

Wait! Ayomide interrupts him.
What’s the name of God’s son?

The smoke disorients a little at the mention of what Ayomide says and he pretends not to notice.

I can’t say it.

Wait… I’ll remember… Read it sometime yesterday. I think it was…

Don’t say it! Death commands

Jesus.. That was it! Jesus!

At that, Death stumbles back, the smock scatters haphazardly and Ayomide looks on confused. Soon enough, he regains his composure.

I warned you not to say….

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Ayomide screams. That’s your weakness shey? Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! He dances around the obviously shaked Death and keeps chanting the only one name that seemed to have given him a chance at surviving.

After a while, he removes a pen knife from his cloth, transfers the bible to his left hand and the weapon to his right. I musn’t miss this. This might be my only chance.
He steps forward and stabs Death in its heart and the wounded creature falls back clutching its chest. A red flame burns in the wound and black liquid oozed out of it. After staggering for a while, it spins and falls to the ground. It burns off completely until a little patch of black powder remains on the ground.

Ayomide makes sure he’s gone and let’s out a shout. He skips in joy and dances like the mad man the children used to watch dance in the village square.

I have killed Death! He screames and celebrates. After a while, he feels dizzy all of a sudden. He holds his head with his hands to prevent it from ‘falling’ and ends up falling in a heap.

• • •

Ayomide coughs because of the smoke in his nose. He strains himself to open his eyes and feels a migraine in his head. His hands and feet couldn’t move, I’m paralysed! He concludes.
Above him, he sees a symbol; a triangle inside a triangle embedded in a circle. There was some markings and drawing of animals in the symbol; snakes and scorpions, the ones he could see clearly.

Oh, you’re up.. Good.

The voice sounds familiar and he gasps in fear when he sees Death looking down on his body.

What the? How come? You were dead!

Death laughs and shakes his head. So you believed you killed Death? Even God will not kill me.

But..bu..but I saw you die.

No.. You couldn’t have, you were sleeping.

Its not possible.. Ayomide argues, he tries to move his hands and sees that they are fastened to a tree with barbed wires. His legs too. And he was hanging from the tree.

Wait o! …How… did I get up here?

Don’t rush me.. Death replies, one question after the other.

But..but.. It felt real.

Yeah, it had to. I needed you engrossed in it so I could finish this. He points at the image. Ayomide could see it clearly now. It had shapes of bulls, snakes, scorpions, and a line of people, slaves as he saw it tied to each other.

When did I sleep? There was no break.

Hmm… Remember when I pointed at you.

Ayomide has a flash back and recalls what hot it happened.

As for how you got up there, remember your friend?

Who? …Babatunde?

Yes. got up there the same way he did.

Ayomide tugs at the wires but the more he pulled, the more it dug into his flesh and he cries out in agony.

I won’t do that If I were you.
Death says

He could see clearly now. He sees Death’s face and also sees the bible in one corner.
That’s out of reach, he concludes.
He continues his search for an escape route with his eyes but gets distracted when a dart of smoke shoots up from the centre of the image. The smoke has the shape of a dog, or is it a wolf, he quickly analyzes.. It has fangs and its eyes were red as blood but as it stretches to get at him growling in the process, the smoke retreats.

What was that?! That thing had teeth! Sharp big teeth!

Death laughs. Aloud.

Of course it does. That’s a hell hound. They are waiting for you down there.

At that, he walks to the center of the triangle, spreads his legs and looks upward at the bound man.
This might hurt a bit. He says grinning.

He starts chainting incantations. Smoke emit from the image as he does and Ayomide suddenly feels a sharp pain.

Argh, he grunts. What are you doing to me?

Reaping you of course!

But why is mine like this. Tinuke and seun didn’t go through all of this. They just died once.

Death giggles. I don’t get to do this a lot but I’ve enjoyed it every single time.


I’m guessing none of the reapers mentioned it. Do you think its easy to reap an Angel?

Angel? His voice is overshadowed by his cries as the pain becomes immense.

To be continued.

We’ll see next week for the Finale of this Series.
Its been a long 7 weeks but its being worth it, I guess.

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  1. am in support cant we just finish it. ma heart is even beating fast 4 ayomide sef. 😥 dami ur just d definition of an epic writer. am proud of u


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