Something is not right

Woke up this morning, went through all my rituals and rites, tweeted a couple of times and sent a love note to a special somebody but something didn’t feel right.

I remembered I had to post something up here, so I picked up my phone and went through my archives. No single article had been edited. Oh well, I said. Till tomorrow then but something still didn’t feel right.

I changed my mind, and started drafting what you’re reading now but something still don’t feel right. What the hell is wrong with me, I’m asking myself.

Why am I lost this morning? What’s the catch, Confusion; why am I your latest prey?

I just took a short pause to think about what this was about but it still don’t feel right and then it dawned on me.

I just woke up courtesy of someone’s miracle, I picked my phone cos my body was functioning, I walked up to my mum and collected money from her, had the mind and intelligence to send a love letter(Agape love by the way) to a special person but yet I’ve neglected the SPECIAL person.

He gave me the miracle of waking up. Thank you? ✗
He provided divine protection. Thank you? ✗
He provided divine wisdom. Thank you? ✗

Well, this days, too many of us have gotten less concerned with the business of God. Times without number, we’ve neglected that simple “Thank you” for what he has done for us. But when we do get issues or need stuff, he’s the first person we run to. Tragic I would say, just tragic.

We have to get back to him. Appreciate him.
True, his mercy endures forever but does it mean we have to continue poking him in the eye.
One day, we’ll die, some folks would go up, some down(figuratively). Where you end up is the result of what you did yesterday, what you’re doing right about now and what you’ll do before he comes.

I’ve taken too many pauses and I fear I might not post this after all. I feel bad that I don’t even think before posting a fiction or comedy article but am reluctant to post this one,

    Something definitely is not right.

So I’ll just go ahead and click publish and pray the network dosent disappoint, who knows, I might not grant myself a second chance.

But remember, It all boils down to one simpe question,

    “What if Mercy expired right about now?”

I’ll leave you to imagine the consequences of that happening.

• • •

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Thank you for Reading.

Mike Dammy


25 thoughts on “Something is not right

  1. Dami am extremely glad u posted dis. Ve bn having dis same feeling. Sumfn has nt bn right 4 a while. True we all go to God onli wen sumfnz wrong. Its tym to start living a life of total abandonment to God. God said sumfn to me dis morn “as long as I stick wv him he ll see me thru” we cnt live witout God. No matter how much we try. Whether u even acknowledge him or not he ll remain true to himself i.e bn faithful. Its tym we started giving God d place he deserves. God bless u dami 4 dis and He ll continualli use u 4 great fns


  2. I’m just reading this and truly, I got up today, had my bath, prepared for service and even took photos in my lovely dress, but I forgot HIM. Thanks, Mike for reminding me.


  3. Thank u for renewing my mind concerning this… I’ve been too bothered about the things of life to even remember this…. Thanks really!!


  4. thanksgiving ought to be more than our requests cos constantly he keeps watch over us. we are really a terribly ungrateful bunch, lets just thank God for not sending us our oxygen bill. …. nice one Dami (namesake mii) … this needs to be the focus of our life, pointing others back to Christ…


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