Questions for the gods

Hey there!

School, laziness, several visits from that lady, all in all, We (Myself in particular) are extremely sorry for not putting up anything of late.

So today, I have decided to write something both fun and inspiring, I’ve titled it “Question for the gods”.

I’ve seen this phrase a couple of times and I bet you have too. Simple logic connotes that it means a question that cannot be answered, at least not anytime soon.
Several of questions have emerged based on this phrase, a few have been valid and well thought of, some others hilarious, and the rest just pure results of advanced exposure to ill-knowledge and heightened stupidity.

No offence there but how is “when will a Nigerian or Yoruba man have sense” logical? Part of it is painment on my part though but it’s still not smart in anywhere to say that, and unless you intended for it to be a joke, something is wrong with you.

When will PHCN generate 24/7 electricity to our homes

As hilarious as this question seems, it is quite true and valid. At least, you must have spent a couple of years at least in Nigeria, or heard of it but none of us never met the “good times” our parents boast of, the times when law and order was uncorrupted, when school was free, and when the roads were paved with gold; ok, that exaggerating a little but you get what my drift. But unless they were lying and are just trying to protect the country’s self-image, something really went wrong and it’s quite unfortunate that nobody has found out why yet. Question for the gods?

Maybe, maybe not. Your willingness to effect a change in this country would determine what option you choose. The man with no eye for hope, no sense of belief and a no go area for courage would answer yes.
The others, most definitely the minority of the population would answer no. some because they believe a change can be effected and a few others because they are indifferent but this side of the congregation looks right or rather, feel right.

Whose side am I on?

The guys that answered no of course! And trust me, it’s not because this side is good. I do hope you are on this side of the fence too.
The world is a haven of opportunities and different questions are embedded in this simple one and it can only truly be answered if we answer our share of the questions that link up to this one.
What’s my share? You might ask.
Remember they say “a tree cannot make a forest”, that also applies here. Stick to your “I don’t care” attitude, worry about your life alone and it would remain a question for the gods.

Can Nigeria be among the world’s leading countries in 2025?

Question for the gods?

That’s your question to answer.

Thanks for reading…
Please ponder on the question and do leave a comment. 🙂

Mike Dammy


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