Opportunities come but once? NAH!

It’s a widely believed phrase; one many people have let control their lives; one I’ve found out should not be so.

Not to sound disrespectful, the phrase was well thought of; beautifully crafted by an obviously smart fellow but in this jet age, that doesn’t follow anymore. Skill has become the order of the day and opportunities are flying around us. The successful have learnt to open their eyes to it even to the extent of seeing the opportunities of their fellow men and taking it hence the phrase “The rich would get richer and the poor would get poorer”

This trend is a definite continuum except the “poor” start to think. The basic reason because the “rich” have so much is because they are ready; ready in the sense of being prepared for the opportunities.

You only see opportunities that concern you and your abilities. A graphics designer would easily sight a graphics Advert in a newspaper because that’s his field; an electrician would probably overlook it or not give much meaning to it but an illiterate would not even notice it.

That’s why the quote “Opportunities come but one” comes in; I always term this the excuse of the poor. Brace yourself in the field you want to excel, read and improve on the skill or talent you already have and then you’ll notice the opportunities and options you never saw before.

Michael Jordan only noticed basketball opportunities because he had trained so hard. Football players; Pirlo and Ozil “see more options for passing” during a match better than other players because they are more skilled at doing that.

“The Environment you create, determines the opportunities you come across which in turn determines what you produce”

So train yourself today, read that book, watch that extra tutorial, take more time to practice that skill and watch as opportunities that were never there suddenly appear!

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Mike Dammy


15 thoughts on “Opportunities come but once? NAH!

  1. ”’The evironment you create, determines the opportunities u come across which inturn determines how much you produce”’……<——– So on point! (Y)


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