Join the fight against Abuse


My head’s spinning, and I can feel my heart pounding against the walls of my chest. It’s louder and more intense now. I can even hear it and feel it in my stomach. I think my heart just dropped into my stomach!

My hands are shaking uncontrollably, causing the blood-stained knife in my right hand to drip on the freshly polished white tiles.

I remember how it all happened vividly, as clear as day.


It was in the large and empty house with the gateman sleeping in the boys quarters.

I had invited her over so we could settle our feud like mature women we were supposed to be, but I was too furious to be calm.

How could Amanda say such nasty things about me, her best bud? She gathered those monks she called friends and told tales about me, claiming I sent nude pictures of myself to her boyfriend. Me! It’s not as if the boyfriend is handsome sef… with that his enormous head. My rep, my dignity.. all in the gutters.

My head was steaming hot. I walked briskly downstairs to the kitchen with Amanda pleading her cause behind me.

I opened the door to the kitchen and scanned the room. I needed something suitable for the job. My eyes caught a shining knife with a white handle, Perfect!, I thought to myself.

Without any hesitation, or further thought, I went for it, I did it.

Amanda screamed.

I had stabbed mum’s favorite jar of tomato puree, shattering the kitchen counter in the process and even causing mum’s finest and most expensive china to fall to the ground with each one shattering into pieces as it came in contact with the ground. I had to vent my anger somewhere and mum’s jar of tomato puree had to go for it, I couldn’t bring myself to stab Amanda.

But why had she screamed? She had gone back upstairs into the room when I didn’t pay attention to her plea

I raced up the stairs as fast as I could. I got to my room, the door was locked.


A minute passed, I was still banging the door but no response all I could hear was Amanda screaming. It occurred to me that I could get the spare key. So I raced to my mum’s room and rummaged through her safe and found the spare key.

I went back hurriedly to my room and fixed the key into the key hole.

Shit!” I exclaimed. The other key was at the other side of the door. What was I to do? I was by no means a macho woman. I earnestly prayed for a miracle. I tried again and, ‘click’ the door opened.

What I saw startled me and sent shivers down my spine. The gateman I assumed to be asleep was physically abusing my best friend. She was being raped!

I guess the foolish man was too engrossed in his deeds to notice my entry.

I grabbed the knife I had dropped in the floor in my attempt to open the door few minutes ago, and then, I did what I had seen in movies and read in novels over and over again.

I passed the knife with all the energy and force in me, through his back, very close to his spinal cord.

Amanda had passed out, so I watched the disgusting man groan with so much fear and trembling in me until he passed out too.

Even if I was mad at her, I still loved her no matter what and I didn’t mind watching this man’s death.

I grabbed my cell phone and grabbed my mum’s number and in no time, she was here with the police.

“I’m going to jail”, I thought. I was scared to death, but if that was the price I had to pay to save a life, I was ready for jail.


So many things were involved here: anger, abuse, an attempt to save a life.

Physical and sexual have become very rampant in the society in this present day. Funny thing is, females are not the only victims, males also are. I’ve heard of situations where young males were raped. It seems like being gay is what’s trending now and this is very disheartening.

Nobody should be put through abuse. It doesn’t only affect an individual physical but psychologically and mentally as well. We need to fight against abuse of all sorts.

We should avoid getting ourselves into the web of danger. Learning to speak up is very important. When suspicious movements and irregularities are noticed, someone who can help should be alerted- a parent, an older sibling, your religious group.


If by chance you have been a victim of abuse one way or the other, you have to start by forgiving yourself and forgiving the person who abused you.

Trust God to make you clean and whole again and enjoy the rest of your life.


Let’s all fight against abuse today. Look out for a neighbor and help someone in danger (not necessarily killing the culprit).



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Tofunmi Onaolapo



14 thoughts on “Join the fight against Abuse

  1. Wow! The thought of rape send chills to my spine….. Anyone can be a victim! And it just boils down back to having God direct our steps and ways..being at the right place at the right time matters!


  2. Its takes a lot for a rape victim to come out bcos in our society lots of talks go with it. I do not wish it for anyone I know bcos d philsological truama she goes tru is unimaginable.Only God nd u can help


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