Letter to the Holy Spirit

Today, we welcome a Guest writer, Miss Moji Ajayi (@ladyingenous).

This was supposed to be posted on the 14th (Val’s day) actually but some technical difficulties caused the delay but then its never too late.

For those of you who missed our Val’s day special, you can see it here  —->>> https://damstylee.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/would-you-be-my-valentine/

Today’s post though is an endearing one, one people really need to see so please comment and share them when you’re done.

Bless! 😀

• • •

There is absolutely nothing special about today but then the world has tagged it someday- Val’s day. I don’t understand what it’s about or why it was tagged so but then it’s to celebrate love. I would normally have said, really? there’s a day to celebrate this?

However, I might not understand the essence of this day being tagged as love’s day but then I understand what love is. I don’t understand it because I have seen so much of it in my world (obviously not) but I understand it because it’s all I see when I see you. Before now I used to try to describe or define what this love is about but I never got a hang of it. I stand this day thinking of you and you alone and then deep in my heart I know what love is. Sweet Holy Spirit I may not be able to boast of how much my love is for you but then I can boast of how much your love is for me.

I remember the days I’ll feel messed up and then I’ll run into my closet, call on you and just cry out my eyes. You will be right there watching me till am done, then you’ll just say these soothing words, “it will be well, I love you”. Immediately, amidst my tears, a bubble of laughter builds up in me and then I’ll burst out laughing. It seems kinda crazy and absurd but then it’s you my love, so am not surprised. I feel silly for crying but then you make me see why I needed to cry. It then became a part of me to just run into my closet, cry, hear you speak those words I love so much and then laugh and smile. There are days I get into trouble and then I just call your name and whisper to you to get me out. All of a sudden, my little whisper to you in time of trouble became my element of escape.

I remember coming to you as a wounded, rejected, inferior and depressed soul. You took me in, wrapped your arms around me and then I could feel my heart and soul begin to heal. “I might not have anyone here on earth” a thought that slips into my head and then a whisper from you, “you are the apple of my eyes and I love you” comes in to smash that thought into pieces. I get drunk and crazy with your love. People look at me and wonder how does she do it. They say, ‘how is she living through this’ but little do they know that this little girl right here is being carried by one sweet, loving and awesome person. You hold my heart and make it impossible for anyone to pierce through.

Sweet Holy Spirit you have my heart and will always have it. I am not all perfect, my make-up gets smeared, sometimes I look bloated, my hair gets messy, I am sometimes clumsy but then, I stop to think of you and then I see the beauty and perfection in me. I always want to hold your hand cause I feel perfectly safe with you. I love you sweet Holy Spirit with the soul of my heart (don’t even know what that means). I love you not because I have the power to but I love you because you have given me the power to. How ironic is our love relationship. You love me and at the same time give me the power to love. I mess up and run away and then you draw me back into your arms.

This, my love, is one relationship I’ll never trade for anything. it’s the relationship that will last for all eternity. You will remain my first, one and only.

Yours in love,



• • •

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7 thoughts on “Letter to the Holy Spirit

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  2. can neva thnk enuf God for His luv n am so hapi my frends r experiencing it…God’s love thru Jesus is all we’ll eva nid…May u continu 2 experience God’s luv mor n mor moji in Jesus’ name, amen…


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