The Power of Choice

Today, we welcome another Guest writer, another lady actually. The ladies are impressive nau… No ulterior motives whatsoever from my part.. 😀

If you missed last week’s “Letter to the Holy Spirit” by Miss Moji though, you are a learner. I indulge you to go check it out as it was mind blowing.

You can view it here —>>>

Anyway, today’s article was written by Miss Agoyi Kemisola (@Agoyi_kemisola)

Ever wondered if You had a say in anything you’ve ever done, well, this article is for you. I also consider the post somewhat controversial but then, Its my opinion. *lips sealed*

Enjoy and be Inspired!

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Its your Choice _ Sourced from Google

Its your Choice _ Sourced from Google

The greatest power given to every man on earth is the power of choice.
You can choose to live or choose to die.
You can choose to be for God or choose to be for the world.
You can choose to be on top of the world, you can as well choose to be below it.
You can choose to standout among your peers, you can also choose to blend in with them or be under them.
You can choose to live your life for others, you can also still choose to live it for yourself.
You can choose to be anything in this world (that is, what the world turns you to be) and you can also choose to be whatever ‘YOU WANT’ to be.
Even though life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan it, but you can still choose to stand-up to whatever life presents to you and choose to make the best of it or allow it make the worst of you.
You can choose to fight it or wallow in its inconvenience.
In all this, ONE thing is peculiar and certain…
And That is, No matter what you do,
No matter what you are,
No matter where you are or how you are,
At any point in time of your life…
Because in every situation you find yourself in life, you always have a choice and you choose what you want.
Seriously, there is nothing like ‘I DON’T HAVE A CHOICE’!

So, learn to use THE POWER OF CHOICE well and meaningfully.

You wield it for evil or for good,
You use it wisely or foolishly,
It would always bring its yield fully…
As one of the laws of nature says-
“You will surely reap whatever you sow”,
But also remember…”In multiple folds”

Thanks for reading…
I hope my message was passed across well and fully.

Agoyi Kemisola


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5 thoughts on “The Power of Choice

  1. Um yes we have the power of choice but there are exceptions. Eg Sara is at home and say sara’s cousin ties her down and rapes her. She never saw it coming. She didn’t have a choice. You were overpowered. However you DO have the power of choice in deciding how to proceed.who to tell,how to forgive him etc.


  2. Good writeup, I totally dont agree with u in all areas, everything that happens to an individual or where the person is, isnt always by his/her choice. Anyway, its a good piece


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