Bravery: Helping


Before I start, just a little note:

I honestly don’t want to be seen as an Aprokoor ‘Ameboafter this post. I’m a writer nau…I’ve got to write what I see…okay almost all I see 🙂

Now to our question for the day;

Do you think you’re brave?

Keep your answer in mind; you might want to change it after this…


• • •

Be Brave_Sourced from Google
Be Brave_Sourced from Google


It happened one fateful night when hunger and fatigue hit me square in the head after a long day. I dragged myself to a joint where edibles are sold in my school (We call the joint ‘BUTTERY’). Anyway, on getting there, the moment the aroma of my favorite toast came in contact with my nostrils, the hunger was sent deep into my soul (I mean it, I could feel the hunger in there). The imagination of the taste and succulence of the toast left me unaware of my surroundings. In my process of imagination, I bumped into a guy who was apparently more tired and hungry that I was. ‘Oh! I’m so sorry’ I said while I got myself back to reality. ‘Never mind, you’ll be alright’ he said and smiled. ‘Why was he so nice?’ I wondered.

We entered into the buttery and bought the last two toasts left standing. While we were settling our change issue with the attendant, two ladies walked in chatting away and talking about how hungry they were and blah. The moment they noticed the empty counter, the disappointment on their faces said it all. The taller and the prettier of the two girls was so close to tears, in fact, I could see the tears well up in her eyes (I really did see it). I guess her situation was worse than that of the guy and I put together. I felt for her but I was by no means interested in sharing my dinner, not with anyone. While my musings were going on in my head, I noticed from the corner of my eye the guy stretch his pack of toast towards the taller lady. I had to turn my whole body to watch the scene.

What was going on here? I asked myself. He handed the toast to her and told her she could have it. She was first of all forming chic but she took it anyway.

I was dumbfounded. I mean, why in the world would He do that? I just came to the conclusion that there were different possible reasons behind his action. He probably had a crush on her, or cos she was pretty or he probably wasn’t that hungry after all.

Like he knew what was going on in my head, as I turned to leave the place, he called me back and said,

“Just so you know it’s not because I have a crush on that pretty lady or because I’m not hungry I gave out my dinner. But because there’s an 80% percent chance I saved a life by this little act. (He calls the act little, really?!). Saving a life is not just by taking a bullet for someone or doing something spectacular, it’s in the littlest acts of kindness. Think on this”

I got back to my room and actually sat down to think about this (that was after my meal though) and then, it dawned on me that the guy had a very big point.

Many of us are more concerned about ourselves than the welfare of others. We’re just usually boxed in and blinded by our situations. We don’t take the time out to look out for a neighbor, a friend. We hold on to everything, even to our care. If only God could open our eyes to see all the frowns and sorrow hidden behind all the fake smiles, the make-up, the finely tailored suits, we would be astonished.

I think its bravery for you to let go of something you love or want so dearly for someone else who needs it more than you do. So if you think you’re brave by only doing something spectacular in danger, you should consider revising your dictionary.

The author of life says ‘freely you have received, freely give’. Freely give care, kindness, goodness and impress joy upon someone’s life. Put a real smile on someone’s face.

Let’s be brave.I was a first-hand witness of bravery and it has a good feeling (from what I saw on the guy’s expression).

Are you ready to be brave?  Are you ready to take the time to ask about someone’s welfare and not just throw a casual ‘hello’ in the person’s face. Are you ready to give out your last resource to see someone smile, a real smile? Are you ready to leave an indelible mark on someone’s heart? Are you ready to break the walls around somebody’s heart?

I’m ready to be brave. You should be too.

I’ll leave you with what the guy I met the other day left with me;

Think on these things


• • •

So we’ll like you to share your comments and opinions.

Honestly, if you were in the shoes of the ‘nice guy’, would you really share, give out your meal or something dear to you?


Thank you for Reading.

Tofunmi Onaolapo


8 thoughts on “Bravery: Helping

  1. wow…its a call to service. An insightful one…we should not just live our lives for ourselves, but to impact nd influence those around us…
    this is it, if your present way of life is nt in turn affecting your neighbor positively…then you will need to review it. Even the Holy Bible showed us the example of Jesus…In summary, our lives must be selfless and love driven!


  2. Very true! This reminds of a time I was in a bus and a guy begged me to pay for his tfare… I sincerly saw no reason why I should have, but I just accepted.. And funny how it happened, the guy came down before me and paid for me instead… And left a smile…. #NB- no crush was involved.. But that “little act” changed my mentality of some things!
    More grace dear!!


  3. Nice piece…..its called Sacrifice; most of us have the me,myself and I mentality. But what we have failed to realise is that sacrifice does not have to be tangible like you have pointed out. This bible passage says it all “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”.(Mat 25:40)


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