Live • Laugh • Love

Live, Laugh, Love _ Sourced from Google

Live, Laugh, Love _ Sourced from Google

I happened to be in one of the not-so-‘tush’ parts of Lagos-Agege, Oshodi to pick up some stuff recently. I’m not saying if you reside in any of those places you aren’t ‘tush’ but you know, there are different levels of ‘tushness’, compared to them VGC and Banana Island peeps.

Anyway, as I was observing my environment (as I always do), I couldn’t help but notice some guys and girls on their uniform black shirts with all sorts of inscriptions on them, printed in rainbow colors. You know what I’m talking about, unless if you want to pretend…

Okay, for all of you that’ll like to form ‘tush’ and pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Remember those shirts with stuff like ‘MY MONEY GROWS LIKE GRASS’, ‘I FACE-BOOKED YOUR MUM’?… I’m guessing this is the part you’ll say ‘Oh! I know those razz shirts’ to yourself.

In all honesty, I always wonder why they wear those shirts, it just makes me sad. But at the same time, those shirts could be what they can afford so they shouldn’t be judged.

Back to where this article is heading.

There was this particular guy that just stood out despite the fact that he was on the uniform too. There was something about him that kept me staring at him.

Okay, hold your thoughts right there! I wasn’t staring cos he was good-looking of ‘hot’ like those guys on TV with very well tended hair, muscles and thick packs; Far from it folks, far from it. It was the inscription on his shirt that caught my attention.

I kept staring and pondering on what the shirt read. I can almost bet the poor guy thought I had a crush on him or something, because judging from the way he started to stroke his chin and  the very nasty winks he threw in my direction, that was what must have been in his mind. Reality slapped me on the face and I began to walk. Really, action was needed, and very fast at that. I mean, the guy would have walked up to me to start feeding me with lame lines.

I kept walking, meditating on what I had seen on the guy’s shirt but the market women pushing my slim physique from side to side won’t just let me concentrate on my meditation. Making matters worse were all the hausa and ibo market men tugging at my sleeves. In my bid to try to free myself from the grip of those ibo sellers compelling me to buy their ‘okrika’ shoes and bags (hian!), I hit a lady. The first thing I said to her was ‘RISE ABOVE HATE’

She looked like she was about to beat me to pulp with the stern look she gave me.

‘Excuse me?! What do you mean?’ She barked in Yoruba.

‘Oh! I’m so sorry‘ I replied as I continued my trek.



That was what was written on the guy’s shirt. The phrase just got me thinking and in my opinion, everybody in the world needs to know this. We all need to rise way above hate.

It absolutely pisses me off when someone wakes up one morning and decides to hate a fellow human for no just cause, in fact, there is no just cause to hate anyone, seriously! We were created by love. We live and exist by love- God’s unending love, therefore, who are we not to love?!

Love is the only way we can successfully live life. Agape love- that sacrificial love that sees everyone with respect, that treats everybody right. That love that is ever-willing to give and keep giving without restraint.

Rise above hate; Stand on the high platform of love, walk in love and see everybody above their flaws, as though they were perfect. Love everybody perfectly (at least almost perfectly). That’s how God wants us to be. We are in the world to express His love to mankind.

This love doesn’t envy, doesn’t say ‘me first’. It over-looks offenses (I know some people can be very annoying, but love them still…. Love is joyful.

See beauty in everyone and treat people like you would want to be treated. Take note that I said see the beauty INSIDE not outside only.

The funny thing about hate is, it’s the hater that keeps getting hurt. The hated just keeps living life, especially if he/she knows nothing about the other’s hatred towards him.

How to love everybody is a topic for another day as its another lengthy issue but live with the mindset that anything you’re doing to anybody, the same would be done to you, with the same manner, thoughts, gusto or disgust.

So Folks, rise above the mediocrity of hate and live in the excellence of love, because it’s true love that makes you excellent!


Live • LaughLove 

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Tofunmi Onaolapo




16 thoughts on “Live • Laugh • Love

  1. i keep saying to myself dat u are one of the great writers dat will be used. thanks for this piece cos Nigeria and d world needs this right now. God bless u


  2. Wonderful article! I always told people that hating somebody takes a lot of effort, then why should you expend all those effort on hating some person that probably doesn’t know you exist, when you can spend it loving a whole lot of people more! Live Laugh Love!!!!


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